New Super Luigi U Star Coin Guide – Sparkling Waters

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Sparkling Waters-1 – Huckit Beach Resort

You can find the first Star Coin hidden inside the second hut you see.

In the area where you collect the Red Coins is a green pipe hidden under the water sprouts. Enter the pipe and find the Star Coin under the Luigi block.




Near the end of the level is a ling of Huckit crabs. Ground pound them from the top to have the third Star Coin appear.

Sparkling Waters-2 – Urchin Reef Romp

Before entering the very first pipe, go to the right and find a hidden passageway in the wall that takes you to the first Star Coin.



The second Star Coin can be found under a Giant Urchin. Simply swim underneath it to grab the second Star Coin.

With a Fire Flower in hand, knock out all the urchins blocking the third Star Coin near the end of the level.




Sparkling Waters-Tower – Shish-Kebab Tower

Instead of riding the very first lift in the level, wall jump up the small space and enter a hidden area on the right. The fist Star Coin can be found here.



Just before the area with the Fire Bro. is a small section where the second Star Coin rests. Time your jump and the Star Coin will be yours.



This Star Coin requires the Mushroom or any other leveling up power-up. After defeating the Hammer Bro, ground pound the bricks over the third Star Coin while avoiding the spike pillar.



Sparkling Waters-Ghost House – Haunted Cargo Hold ★

As soon as you enter the inside of the ship, the first Star Coin can be reached just above one of the first cargo boxes.



You can find the second Star Coin underwater, back and forth from the left and right. The area can be found between the first and second Star Coin. Avoid the Spiny Cheep-Cheeps!



The third Star Coin can be found over a cargo box near the end of the level. Simple enough!

Instead of entering the green pipe at the end the inside of the ship, drop into the water and find a hidden red pipe in the right wall. This will lead to the secret exit!



Sparkling Waters-3 – Watersprout Sprint

As you run along you’ll notice the first Star Coin behind a giant Piranha Plant. Use the nearby Koopa Troopa to take out the Piranha Plant as well as collecting the Star Coin.



Again, you’ll come across a Piranha Plant blocking another Star Coin. Use a nearby Koopa Troopa to take out the Piranha Plant as well as collecting the Star Coin


Right at the end of the level are three Piranha Plants guarding the last Star Coin. Either carry over a Koopa Shell or use the Penguin Suit found in the level to take out the Piranha Plant.




Sparkling Waters-4 – The Great Geysers

There is a Star Coin under two brick block in one of the first major water sprouts. Simply wait for it to go down to grab the Star Coin.



While it’s easier to use the sliding mechanic of the Penguin Suit here, you can grab the second Star Coin by jumping up to the palm tree where it rests.



Again, using a Penguin Suit is ideal, but you can grab the third Star Coin by throwing a Koopa Shell at the Star Coin or by taking damage by dropping onto the Star Coin and the River Piranha Plants.




Sparkling Waters-5- Dragoneel Depths

With the Fire Flower power-up enabled, take out the two Urchins blocking the first Star Coin on the right side of the level near the start of the underwater section.


Just after collecting the first Star Coin, swim over to the left and you should find the second Star Coin floating inside a ring of crates. Watch out for the random Urchin that passes through!



At the top of the level is a green pipe blocked by a giant Urchin. Have Luigi rest near the giant Urchin to have the Dragoneel ram through and knock out the giant Urchin. Swim into the green pipe and the third Star Coin will be yours!



Sparkling Waters-Castle – Larry’s Trigger-Happy Castle

There is a section where two Bullet Bill cannons surround a small section of water. Bounce off the Bullet Bills to grab the Star Coin at the top.


In the underwater section, hit the brick block between the two Question Blocks to reveal a P-switch. Hit it to change all the brick blocks to coins, making it easy to snag the Star Coin. Alternatively, have the Torpedo Teds explode near the brick blocks to create access to the Star Coin.


While being chased by a Banzai Bill, time your jumps correctly as you hop on the brick blocks and you should easily run into the third Star Coin.



Sparkling Waters-Beanstalk – Beanstalk Jungle

Use the Secret Exit in Layer-Cake Desert-Ghost House to reach this level!

Near the start of the level, watch the right side of the screen for a small branch to roll out under the first Star Coin. Alternatively, use a Lakitu Cloud to float over to the Star Coin.


When the levels stop scrolling, wait for a leaf to grow under the second Star Coin. Hop on and collect it!



But don’t enter that red pipe! To the left of the red pipe is another red pipe hidden inside the ceiling. Enter it to find the third and final Star Coin!