New Super Luigi U Star Coin Guide – Acorn Plains

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Acorn Plains-1 – Waddlewing Warning!

Just after the first pipe is a line of coins heading to the sky. Follow them to the first Star Coin.



Right before the end section of the level are two moving platforms, with the second Star Coin under the the one on the left. Hop onto the platform on the right and wait for it to lower itself. Use Squirrel Luigi to glide under the platform and to allow him to pop back up.


In the last section of the level, follow the line of coins that heads into a couple of Waddlewings. If done correctly, Luigi will bounce off one of the Waddlewings and grab the third Star Coin just above the flagpole. Alternatively, you can bounce off the Waddlewing wandering around on the ground.


Acorn Plains-2 – Crooked Cavern ★

Just before you enter the cave through the green pipe, walk over the red pipe on the right to find a hidden cove with the first Star Coin inside.



After the Checkpoint Flag and after the second yellow pipe you will see a Red Koopa Troopa and a Piranha Plant. Throw the shell towards the Piranha Plant from the left to hit a brick and reveal a beanstalk. In the sky, enter the warp pipe to be blasted over to the second Star Coin.

Near the end of the level you will come across two blue crystals blocking a warp pipe. As the sign indicates, ground pound on the flat crystal for it to sink. Enter the Warp Pipe and slide down the crystal to grab the last Star Coin.

Just like you did for the third Star Coin, use Squirrel Luigi to glide to the second exit at the end of the cave section. Instead of going into the pipe, ground pound the floor to crash through brick blocks. Follow the arrow signs to another pipe that leads to the secret exit!




Acorn Plains-Fortress – Flame-Gear Tower

The first Star Coin can be found to the right of the first cog. When the fire goes out, time a wall jump to grab the Star Coin and make it out safely.



This Star Coin is hard to miss but trickier to obtain. Just before the fire that’s blocking the Star Coin goes out, jump and you should land as it extinguishes. Quickly jump out to avoid damage.



Just before the area with all the Dry Bones enemies, there should be a lone ledge on the left. Once there, jump to reveal two hidden blocks, with a third hidden block above the first two. Hop on the highest block to reach the third Star Coin.



Acorn Plains-3 – Rolling Yoshi Hills

The first Star Coin will be inside a ditch that Luigi can’t enter. Use the nearby Koopa Troopa to collect the Star Coin.



Right before the area with the rolling hills, use Yoshi to bounce on the Piranha Plants and collect the second Star Coin.



If you are able to hold onto Yoshi until the end, use him on the last rolling hill and flutter jump to the third Star Coin resting above the flag pole.



Acorn Plains-4 – Piranha Heights

After the first green pipe is high platform with coins and the first Star Coin. Use one of the moving platforms and Luigi’s higher jump to access the Star Coin.



The second Star Coin rests on the second green pipe. Just like last time, use Luigi’s jump to access the area, but make sure to avoid the snapping Piranha Plants!



Right after the second green pipe should be an area with multiple connecting green pipes. There should be an open space between two of them with two coins floating in the air. Wall jump up this space and enter the green pipe. In the next room, grab the third Star Coin from the top of the Luigi block formation.




Acorn Plains-5 – Piranha Gardens

There is a small ledge just after the first ditch in the level. Right next to it is a hidden cove with the first Star Coin.



This one shouldn’t be hard to spot. You’ll come across the second Star Coin on top of a few blocks. Defeat the Hammer Bro. and collect the Star Coin!



After the area with the second Star Coin are a couple of Giant Piranha Plants. Above the first one is a hidden platform that can be accessed with Luigi’s higher jump.




Acorn Plains-Castle – Lemmy’s Lights-Out Castle

On the first set of pendulum platforms, use the Dry Bones to boost yourself up tot he higher platform where the first Star Coin waits.



The next set of pendulum platforms will have a Star Coin under the main platform. Glide from wither the pendulum on the left and right to snag the Star Coin, then boost yourself back on the main platform. This one can get a little tricky with the timing.


As you are hopping over the Munchers in the last section of the level, notice that one of the Muncher patches is suspiciously unfilled. Drop down and you will discover a hidden area with a green pipe. Enter it and you should find the third Star Coin.



Acorn Plains-Cheep – Cheep Chomp Chase

Use the Secret Exit in Acorn Plains-2 to reach this level!

As soon as you enter the red pipe at the start of the level, there is a space you can swim through on the left between two pipes. This leads to a small section with the first Star Coin. To help make it though all the Cheep-Cheeps, jump above the red pipe to discover a hidden block with a Star.


As you are swimming through the level, there should be a Red Ring that you must pass through. Collect all eight of the red coins and the second Star Coin will drop from above.



Watch where the second Star Coin drops from. There should be a small space between the two yellow pipes that you can swim through. This will take you to the final area where you can use a POW block to bring down the third Star Coin.