Mario Party 3 – Item Mini-Games

Winner’s Wheel


Stop the the lights on the roulette wheel to win one of the items on the wheel. After hitting the switch, the lights will continue to move and slow down before resting on an item.

A: Stop Wheel

Hey, Batter, Batter!


Hit Baby Bowser’s pitch and have it hit one of the signs representing the items. Missing the ball will get you nothing.

A: Swing Bat

Bobbing Bow-loons


Time your arrow as you shoot for items in the balloons. The first balloon you hit is the item you get.

A: Shoot Arrow

Dorrie Dip

Ground Pound Dorrie’s back to make her grab an item. You won’t get an item if she ends up getting Baby Bowser.

A+Z: Ground Pound

Swinging with Sharks


Use the swing to build momentum and jump off to land on one of the barrels containing an item. Landing in the water will get you nothing.

A: Jump

Swing ‘n’ Swipe


Hit one of the Koopa Kids to receive an item. Watch carefully for the item you want and keep your eye on that treasure chest.

 Control Stick: Move

A: Swing Horizontally