Mario Party Spaces

Mario Party has a total of eight spaces, one being not able to land on. Each one has a different happening when landed on.


Blue Space

The blue space gives the player 3 coins when landed on.

Red Space


The red space will take away 3 coins when landed on.

Happening Space


Each board has a different effect when landed on this space. It can trigger an event and some boards have 2 different events.

Bowser Space


Bowser will appear and roll a roulette that will decide what he will do. These events include :

Coins for Bowser: Bowser will take 10-30 coins from you.

Bowser’s Chance Time: Bowser will host his own Chance Time where all the prizes go to him.

Bowser’s Balloon Burst: The mini-game Balloon Burst but the losers lose coins.

Bowser’s Bash ‘n’ Cash: The mini-game Bash ‘n’ Cash but coins cannot be collected.

Bowser’s Face Lift: The mini-game Face Lift but those who do not get over 90 points lose coins.

Bowser’s Tug o’ War: The mini-game Tug o’ War but the losers lose coins.

100 Star Present, 1,000 Coin Present, and Star Steal:  These never get selected.

Chance Time Space


2 players are randomly chosen to either give, switch, or take stars and/or from each other.

Mini-Game Space

The player that lands here will play a Single-Player Mini-Game for coins.

Mushroom Space


If a player lands here, a Mushroom Block will appear. If you get a mushroom, then you get another turn. If you get a Poison Mushroom, you will lose your next turn.

Star Space


This space cannot be landed on. This is where the player can buy a star.