Mario Party 2 VS. 2 Mini-Games

Bobsled Run


Both teams must sleigh down a slide with twists and turns. Ride over speed panels for boosts and make it to the end first to win.

Control Stick (Left/Right): Steer

(Forward): Speed Up

(Back): Slow Down

A: Push Sled

Desert Dash

 Make your way through the desert by moving in the same direction and at the same time with your partner. Make it to the end to win. Watch out for the Thwomp.

Control Stick:

(Right): Step with Right Leg

(Left): Step with Right Leg



A 2-on-2 basketball game played with a Bob-omb! The team that makes the basket, wins.


Control Stick: Move

A: Jump

B: Steal Ball


Control Stick: Move

A: Jump

B: Pass/Shoot (When Jumping)

Handcar Havoc

Race to the finish using handcars in teams of 2. The faster you can press A, the faster you will go. Lean to the side to smoothly go through the track. The first team to the end wins.

Control Stick: Lean Car

A: Speed Up

B: Brake

Deep Sea Divers


One player from each team will be in the water searching for treasure chests. The other two players are on boats and will reel in the player when he/she finds a treasure chest.


Control Stick: Move

A: Swim


Control Stick: Move

(Rotate): Reel