Mario Party Minigames – Tips, List, and Unlockables

Our Mario Party minigames page features complete images of all minigames along with tips and strategies for every minigame and any unlockables.

The original Mario Party minigames are the first in the series and all fifty are listed below. If you have tips for any of these Mario Party minigames, whether it be a lesser known fact or a good strategy, feel free to share your idea in the submission form at the bottom of this page. For board tips, click here.

4-Player Minigames (50)

Buried Treasure - Mario Party 1 Buried Treasure
Treasure Divers - Mario Party 1 Treasure Divers
Hot Bob-omb - Mario Party 1 Hot Bob-omb
Crazy Cutters - Mario Party 1 Crazy Cutters
Face Lift - Mario Party 1 Face Lift
  • Most of Bowser’s face features are stretched all the way in at least one direction in the example. The mouth & nose are the only ones that are sometimes only stretched around half-way. ~ Spongyoshi
Balloon Burst
  • For near-optimal efficiency, tap the buttons in time with the music.  ~ piguy314159
Musical Mushroom - Mario Party 1 Musical Mushroom
  • You do not get any penalty for a false start so just angle your joystick in the direction of the treasure chest while you wait for the music to end to start running toward it instantly.  ~ Spongyoshi
Coin Block Blitz - Mario Party 1 Coin Block Blitz
  • While hard to get and maintain, try to stay stuck between a player and ? Block, you’ll hit the block at an incredible rate in this situation.  ~ Spongyoshi
Skateboard Scamper - Mario Party 1 Skateboard Scamper
Box Mountain Mayhem - Mario Party 1 Box Mountain Mayhem
  • Try to stay close to the back of the screen as Whomp Blocks can contains a lot of coins and even coin bags!  ~ Spongyoshi
Platform Peril - Mario Party 1 Platform Peril
Mushroom Mix-Up - Mario Party 1 Mushroom Mix-Up
Grab Bag - Mario Party 1 Grab Bag
Bumper Balls - Mario Party 1 Bumper Balls
Tipsy Tourney - Mario Party 1 Tipsy Tourney
Bombs Away - Mario Party 1 Bombs Away
Mario Bandstand - Mario Party 1 Mario Bandstand
Shy Guy Says - Mario Party 1 Shy Guy Says
Cast Aways - Mario Party 1 Cast Aways
Kay-pa-Way - Mario Party 1 Key-pa-Way
Running of the Bulb - Mario Party 1 Running of the Bulb
Hot-Romp Jump - Mario Party 1 Hot-Rope Jump
Hammer Drop - Mario Party 1 Hammer Drop
Slot Car Derby 1 - Mario Party 1 Slot Car Derby 1
Slot Car Derby 2 - Mario Party 1 Slot Car Derby 2

1 vs. 3 Minigames (10)

Pipe Maze - Mario Party 1 Pipe Maze
Bash 'n' Cash - Mario Party 1 Bash ‘n’ Cash
  • Your best strategy is to bounce on your opponents’ heads. If you do good enough, you can even just keep bouncing until the end of the minigame! If you miss a bounce, move away first since you have a cooldown after every jump then bounce again! ~ Spongyoshi
  • As the Bowser player, don’t forget to get hit once on purpose or you’ll loose 15 coins!! ~ Spongyoshi
Bowl Over - Mario Party 1 Bowl Over
Coin Block Bash - Mario Party 1 Coin Block Bash
  • The best way to collect coins is to wait for the hammer player to break a block, as there is a lot of end-lag on their end.  ~ Gianluca_S
Tightrope Treachery - Mario Party 1 Tightrope Treachery
Crane Game - Mario Party 1 Crane Game
Piranha's Pursuit - Mario Party 1 Piranha’s Pursuit
Tug 'o' War - Mario Party 1 Tug o’ War
Paddle Battle - Mario Party 1 Paddle Battle
Coin Shower Flower - Mario Party 1 Coin Shower Flower

2 vs. 2 Minigames (5)

Bobsled Run - Mario Party 1 Bobsled Run
Desert Dash - Mario Party 1 Desert Dash
Bomsketball - Mario Party 1 Bombsketball
Handcar Havoc - Mario Party 1 Handcar Havoc
Deep Sea Divers - Mario Party 1 Deep Sea Divers

Single Player Minigames (13)

Memory Match - Mario Party 1 Memory Match
  • The fastest way to complete this minigame is to start from either bottom left or bottom right and hit each one in order, following a S-shaped path. Jump as you start going for the next picture to immediately ground-pound into it when your shadow enters it. If you get the second image, rush back to where the first one was then go back to where you were beforehand to keep the pattern going. ~ Spongyoshi
Slot Machine - Mario Party 1 Slot Machine
Shell Game - Mario Party 1 Shell Game
Ghost Guess - Mario Party 1 Ghost Guess
Pedal Power - Mario Party 1 Pedal Power
Whack-a-Plant - Mario Party 1 Whack-a-Plant
Ground Pound - Mario Party 1 Ground Pound
Teetering Towers - Mario Party 1 Teetering Towers
Knock Block Tower - Mario Party 1 Knock Block Tower
Limbo Dance - Mario Party 1 Limbo Dance
Bumper Ball Maze 1 - Mario Party 1 Bumper Ball Maze 1
Bumper Ball Maze 2 - Mario Party 1 Bumper Ball Maze 2
Bumper Ball Maze 3- Mario Party 1 Bumper Ball Maze 3

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