Mario Party Minigames – List, Tips, and Strategies

Our Mario Party minigames page features complete images of all minigames along with tips and strategies for every minigame.

The original Mario Party minigames are the first in the series and all fifty are listed below. If you have tips for any of these Mario Party minigames, whether it be a lesser known fact or a good strategy, feel free to share your idea in the submission form at the bottom of this page. For board tips, click here.

4-Player Minigames (50)

Buried Treasure - Mario Party 1 Buried Treasure
  • Rocks take more mashes to dig through.  ~ Spongyoshi
Treasure Divers - Mario Party 1 Treasure Divers
  • The bigger a treasure chest is, the more coins it holds! Feel free to block someone at the middle level to stop them from getting some air or make them collide with an enemy… or just wait below them for them to screw up to steal their treasure chest!  ~ Spongyoshi
Hot Bob-omb - Mario Party 1 Hot Bob-omb
  • Sometimes holding onto the Bob-omb for a while can throw players off and make them more frantic when you throw it to them. Consider doing that to outwit your player.  ~ SpiderStaryu
Crazy Cutters - Mario Party 1 Crazy Cutters
  • When you see a curve, move the joystick slightly as the drilling can be sensitive. As long as you get 80 points, you’ll win.  ~ SpiderStaryu
Face Lift - Mario Party 1 Face Lift
  • Most of Bowser’s face features are stretched all the way in at least one direction in the example. The mouth & nose are the only ones that are sometimes only stretched around half-way. ~ Spongyoshi
Balloon Burst
  • For near-optimal efficiency, tap the buttons in time with the music.  ~ piguy314159
  • Be quick but also make sure you’re pumping as much air as possible. When your character glows, that means you are pumping the highest amount of air you can.  ~ SpiderStaryu
Musical Mushroom - Mario Party 1 Musical Mushroom
  • You do not get any penalty for a false start so just angle your joystick in the direction of the treasure chest while you wait for the music to end to start running toward it instantly.  ~ Spongyoshi
Coin Block Blitz - Mario Party 1 Coin Block Blitz
  • While hard to get and maintain, try to stay stuck between a player and ? Block, you’ll hit the block at an incredible rate in this situation.  ~ Spongyoshi
Skateboard Scamper - Mario Party 1 Skateboard Scamper
  • You should only mash A as if your life depends on it when it’s at the final stretch, specifically when the camera changes.  ~ Slowcast
Box Mountain Mayhem - Mario Party 1 Box Mountain Mayhem
  • Try to stay close to the back of the screen as Whomp Blocks can contains a lot of coins and even coin bags!  ~ Spongyoshi
Platform Peril - Mario Party 1 Platform Peril
  • Don’t forget, the winner is the first player to LAND on the end platform, not to just reach it! So jump early or do a small jump on the last platform!  ~ Spongyoshi
Mushroom Mix-Up - Mario Party 1 Mushroom Mix-Up
  • Block the mushroom you’re standing on with your character. If opponents try to jump on you, try to bounce them out! Although the game goes quickly, you can survive with well-timed ground pounds even if you didn’t pick the right mushroom.  ~ Spongyoshi
Grab Bag - Mario Party 1 Grab Bag
  • Start mashing right away as you grab someone, likewise if you know you’ll get caught.  ~ Spongyoshi
Bumper Balls - Mario Party 1 Bumper Balls
  • When you slam into a player, and that player slams into a second player, the force will be way greater. Perfect way to get your rivals out quicker. Just be careful not to get too close to the edge.  ~ SpiderStaryu
Tipsy Tourney - Mario Party 1 Tipsy Tourney
  • Do the outer part first by running around the square not too quickly, then finish the middle off by precisely walking/jumping to guide the shell.  ~ Spongyoshi
Bombs Away - Mario Party 1 Bombs Away
  • Jump after every cannonball landing to be less affected by the change of gravity but watch out to not be bounced out by your opponents.  ~ Spongyoshi
Mario Bandstand - Mario Party 1 Mario Bandstand
  • To achieve the best results, you should press the button or move the joystick right on rhythm. That’s when the box hovers over the note at dead center.  ~ Slowcast
Shy Guy Says - Mario Party 1 Shy Guy Says
  • If Shy Guy raises only one flag, he won’t fake you out, so just press the button.  ~ YoshiPrower542
Cast Aways - Mario Party 1 Cast Aways
  • There are three levels of joystick tilting to which your character corresponds by winding up the fetching hand.  ~ Slowcast
  • Throw your line where its final position is in-between your target and it’s previous coin/bag/chest.  ~ Spongyoshi
Kay-pa-Way - Mario Party 1 Key-pa-Way
  • If you have the key, just ignore everyone and run straight forward to the finish by jumping over the lone Spike Koopa.  ~ Spongyoshi
Running of the Bulb - Mario Party 1 Running of the Bulb
  • Do not run into the Big Boo chasing after you. You will not get any coins, even if your team makes it to the end without you.  ~ Slowcast
  • If you hold the bulb, stay around the top right part of the screen.  ~ Spongyoshi
Hot-Romp Jump - Mario Party 1 Hot-Rope Jump
  • Do full jumps as the rope is about to reach you at the beginning, then when it goes full speed, start doing small jumps by just tapping the A button.  ~ Spongyoshi
Hammer Drop - Mario Party 1 Hammer Drop
  • Jumping is just asking for trouble in this minigame, stay grounded.  ~ Spongyoshi
Slot Car Derby 1 - Mario Party 1 Slot Car Derby 1
  • The curves of the road that make you spin out fast are all marked with a white/red line. When passing these areas, slow down by not pushing on the control stick. Doing so allows you to get past the harsh curves without spinning out.  ~ SpiderStaryu
Slot Car Derby 2 - Mario Party 1 Slot Car Derby 2
  • Just like the first version, let go of your control stick on curves marked with red and white.  ~ SpiderStaryu

1 vs. 3 Minigames (10)

Pipe Maze - Mario Party 1 Pipe Maze
  • There only a few versions of this minigame. Memorize each maze variant so next time you play one, you’ll know exactly which pipe to put the chest in so that the coins go to you.  ~ SpiderStaryu
Bash 'n' Cash - Mario Party 1 Bash ‘n’ Cash
  • Your best strategy is to bounce on your opponents’ heads. If you do good enough, you can even just keep bouncing until the end of the minigame! If you miss a bounce, move away first since you have a cooldown after every jump then bounce again! ~ Spongyoshi
  • As the Bowser player, don’t forget to get hit once on purpose or you’ll loose 15 coins!! ~ Spongyoshi
  • You may want to stay away from the Bowser player to catch bags your “teammates” knock away.  ~ Yoshiman222
Bowl Over - Mario Party 1 Bowl Over
  • Prioritize player characters, don’t try to go for a strike.  ~ Kazmandude
Coin Block Bash - Mario Party 1 Coin Block Bash
  • The best way to collect coins is to wait for the hammer player to break a block, as there is a lot of end-lag on their end.  ~ Gianluca_S
Tightrope Treachery - Mario Party 1 Tightrope Treachery
  • Solo player: wind and gunfire can knock you off, so be sure to correct the placement as you continue.  ~ G.M.
  • Team: the boats may be moved by waves and wind, so a near-optimal placement is nor too close, nor too far to the tightrope.  ~ G.M.
  • As a team member, throwing cannonballs under the rope can disturb the solo player!  ~ General_JF
Crane Game - Mario Party 1 Crane Game
  • If you know a human target has good mashing, it might be sensible to avoid them and try an easier prey, or even the treasure chest, which will always yield 10 coins. ~ G.M.
Piranha's Pursuit - Mario Party 1 Piranha’s Pursuit
  • You can grab unto the floating vines for a speed boost!  ~ Spongyoshi
Tug 'o' War - Mario Party 1 Tug o’ War
  • Using your palm works the fastest. My tip to you is to wear a glove while doing this minigame. You’ll be quicker and you won’t hurt your hand.  ~ SpiderStaryu
Paddle Battle - Mario Party 1 Paddle Battle
  • Take a breather each time the raft is stuck on the hurt animation or on a rock.  ~ Spongyoshi
Coin Shower Flower - Mario Party 1 Coin Shower Flower
  • Circle around the middle section of the flower to keep it balanced and make it easier to collect coins.  ~ Spongyoshi

2 vs. 2 Minigames (5)

Bobsled Run - Mario Party 1 Bobsled Run
  • Losing? Cut the corners to try getting past your opponents on a wide turn! Winning? Prevent the opponents from doing that! Anyway, be careful to not to fall yourself!  ~ G.M.
Desert Dash - Mario Party 1 Desert Dash
  • Being squished doesn’t make much difference, just ignore the Thwomp and go as fast as possible!  ~ Spongyoshi
Bomsketball - Mario Party 1 Bombsketball
  • Jumping is very effective here. Your rivals can’t do much to you while you’re in the air, especially if you bounce on them. You don’t need a slam dunk, you just need to be in range for the bomb to connect. Imagine a three-point line on real basketball court, shot within that line.  ~ SpiderStaryu
Handcar Havoc - Mario Party 1 Handcar Havoc
  • Break around the tight turns so you don’t fall off.  ~ SpiderStaryu
Deep Sea Divers - Mario Party 1 Deep Sea Divers
  • The deeper a treasure chest is, the more coins it contains!  ~ Spongyoshi
  • As a player on the boat and when your teammate has gone to look for a treasure, if the opposing team tries to trace the player who owns the treasure, you can push the one on the boat and hinder him. This can either make it take longer for the player containing the treasure to climb up, or hinder the player on the boat while he turns the stick.  ~ General_JF

Single Player Minigames (13)

Memory Match - Mario Party 1 Memory Match
  • The fastest way to complete this minigame is to start from either bottom left or bottom right and hit each one in order, following a S-shaped path. Jump as you start going for the next picture to immediately ground-pound into it when your shadow enters it. If you get the second image, rush back to where the first one was then go back to where you were beforehand to keep the pattern going. ~ Spongyoshi
Slot Machine - Mario Party 1 Slot Machine
Shell Game - Mario Party 1 Shell Game
Ghost Guess - Mario Party 1 Ghost Guess
  • Boos are tricky, pay attention to the Leader Boo who always moves first before the others. Their shadows can help identify the leader too.  ~ SpiderStaryu
Pedal Power - Mario Party 1 Pedal Power
  • Pretend Dark Boo is behind you!!! It’ll make you go faster than a rocket!!  ~ SpiderStaryu
Whack-a-Plant - Mario Party 1 Whack-a-Plant
  • Similar to Mario platforming games, you gain a jump boost if you press A right when you step on a plant. This way you can do all plants in waves with a single jump.  ~ Haruwolf
Ground Pound - Mario Party 1 Ground Pound
  • You can see the lighter color of the wood behind the butterflies on the spiked logs.  ~ Spongyoshi
Teetering Towers - Mario Party 1 Teetering Towers
  • As the tower crashes after choosing a direction, don’t jump right away. You can jump after a few frames of falling. ~ Haruwolf
Knock Block Tower - Mario Party 1 Knock Block Tower
  • Be patient when the tower starts to move. One punch to a Thwomp and you lose the minigame.  ~ SpiderStaryu
Limbo Dance - Mario Party 1 Limbo Dance
  • Your character will make a noise when their back is close to the ground, use this cue to avoid falling and losing the minigame!  ~ SpiderStaryu
Bumper Ball Maze 1 - Mario Party 1 Bumper Ball Maze 1
Bumper Ball Maze 2 - Mario Party 1 Bumper Ball Maze 2
Bumper Ball Maze 3- Mario Party 1 Bumper Ball Maze 3

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