Mario Party Boards

Mario Party has eight boards in all, two being unlockable, and each has the same objective: Collect 20 coins and purchase stars from the random spots that they are placed in. Each board is hosted by Toad, however, the last board is hosted by Koopa Kid.

DK’s Jungle Adventure


DK’s board is set in a jungle with Whomps blocking different pathways, only to be moved if paid ten coins. If you run into Bowser, he will force you to buy his useless Golden Bowser Statue for ten coins. Landing on a Happening Space here will have a huge boulder chase you across and down the board.

Peach’s Birthday Cake


Run around a giant cake with Mario Party figurines all over. There is a separate path that takes you to a smaller cake with Bowser waiting for you. If you land on a Happening Space here, a Piranha Plant will steal a Star from the next player to land on that space; if that player has a Star, if you chose to buy the seed for 30 Coins. Visiting Bowser will have him give you an inedible Bowser Cake for 20 Coins.

Yoshi’s Tropical Island


Party on Yoshi’s Tropical Island with two/three different colored Yoshis. A Thwomp blocks a path that will require a fee to pass. Landing on a Happening Space here will have Toad and Bowser switch places of the board. If you visit Bowser, he will help you reach the center island with his Bowser Tube, but it breaks and he charges you 30 Coins.

Wario’s Battle Canyon


This board takes place in the middle of a battlefield with Bob-ombs. The cannons blast you to different parts of the board. Landing on a Happening Space here will switch the cannons in the opposite direction. Fly Guy is waiting on the south part of the northeastern (green) canyon, and by using his services, is the only way to reach Bowser. Visiting Bowser will force you to take a trip into his canyon with a fee of 20 Coins!

Luigi’s Engine Room


Luigi’s Engine Room is set in the middle of an engine room full of pipes and machines. The red and blue doors block different pathways at junctions and at the beginning of every turn, one switches open while the other stays closed. The Happening Space here will move you to a higher place on the board, where it serves no purpose unless a Star is there. Visiting Bowser will have Bowser pay you one Coin, but in return, you have to pay 20 Coins!

Mario’s Rainbow Castle


Set in the sky, try to get to Toad before he is replaced with Bowser. To get to Toad, you must travel to the center of the board where a Fwoosh will take you to up to Toad. Landing on a Happening Space will get Toad switching with Bowser and Bowser switching with Toad. If you reach Bowser, he will give you a Ztar, a useless Black/Dark Star, for a whopping 40 Coins!

Bowser’s Magma Mountain


Lava is the theme of this board in which Bowser rules. There are short-cuts throughout the board, but each is guarded by a Bowser Statue that will make you roll a Star/Bowser Dice Block to get across. Landing on a Happening Space here will activate the volcano spreading flames that change Blue Spaces to Red Spaces for two whole turns.

Eternal Star


Play on a giant broken Star, but buy your Stars from Koopa Kids instead of Toad. The player must buy a star for 20 coins from one of the seven Koopa Kids scattered across the board and then challenge them in dice rolling to get the Star. The Happening Space here will have Bowser send everyone back to the START. Visiting Bowser will make him steal a Star if you have one, otherwise he will steal all of your Coins. If neither, you just get lucky and get sent back to START, and make Bowser more angry.