Mario Party: The Top 100 Minigames – Tips, List, and Unlockables

Our Mario Party: The Top 100 minigames page features complete images of all minigames along with tips and strategies for every minigame and any unlockables.

Each of the 100 Mario Party: The Top 100 minigames are listed below. Because all minigames are remastered versions of previous entries in the series, each minigame is separated by game instead of minigame type. If you have tips for any of these Mario Party: The Top 100 minigames, whether it be a lesser known fact or a good strategy, feel free to share your idea in the submission form at the bottom of this page.

Mario Party Minigames (6)

Shy Guy Says
Bombs Away
Face Lift
Tug o’ War
Piranha’s Pursuit
Desert Dash

Mario Party 2 Minigames (13)

Slot Car Derby
Shell Shocked
Mecha Marathon
Dizzy Dancing
Hexagon Heat
Roll Call
Bumper Balls
  • Knockback has been drastically increased, bringing the end of the stand-stills of old. If your playing with even slightly aggressive players or CPU, then get ready for this minigame to barely last a few seconds.  ~ Gianluca_S
Honeycomb Havoc
Bowser’s Big Blast
Handcar Havoc
Speed Hockey
Cake Factory
Looney Lumberjacks

Mario Party 3 Minigames (12)

Snowball Summit
Bounce ‘n’ Trounce
Rockin’ Raceway
Mush Pit (Toadstool Titan)
Storm Chasers
Chip Shot Challenge
Ice Rink Risk
The Beat Goes On
Three Door Monty
Tidal Toss
Eatsa Pizza
Vine with Me

Mario Party 4 Minigames (14)

Trace Race
Three Throw
Mario Speedwagons
Paths of Peril
Blame It on the Crane
Hide and Go BOOM!
The Great Deflate
Order Up
Karrening Koopas
Beach Volley Folley
The Final Battle!

Mario Party 5 Minigames (17)

Coney Island
Pushy Penguins
Night Light Fright
Dinger Derby
Leaf Leap
Triple Jump
Later Skater
Hotel Goomba
Cage-in Cookin’
Heat Stroke
Squared Away
Tube It or Lose It
Defuse or Lose
Manic Mallets
Shy Guy Showdown
Button Mashers
Ice Hockey

Mario Party 6 Minigames (9)

Snow Whirled
Catch You Letter
Strawberry Shortfuse
Trap Ease Artist
Dizzy Rotisserie
Crate and Peril
Rocky Road
Slot Trot
Block Star

Mario Party 7 Minigames (12)

The Final Countdown
Monty’s Revenge
Pokey Pummel
Track & Field
Deck Hands
Balloon Busters
Dart Attack
Sphere Factor
Jump, Man
Vine Country
Stick and Spin
  • When the bubbles or the black/white balls appear, try to slow down your pace to make sure you are precisely placing the balls.  ~ Anonymous
  • If any ball has a number, try to speedily clear it as fast as possible with an onslaught of balls.  ~ Anonymous
  • When bubbles with the number 4 or higher appear in single player mode and you are close to finishing a series of 5 levels, it is often best to set them aside in a junk pile.  ~ Anonymous

Mario Party 8 Minigames (3)

Crank to Rank
At the Chomp Wash
Aim of the Game

Mario Party 9 Minigames (10)

Logger Heads
Bumper Bubbles
Don’t Look
Peak Precision
Magma Mayhem
Speeding Bullets
Jigsaw Jumble
Pier Pressure
Goomba Bowling
Tackle Takedown

Mario Party 10 Minigames (4)

Flash Forward
Soar to Score
Jewel Drop
Badminton Bash

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