Mario Party Superstars Minigames – Tips, List, and Unlockables

Our Mario Party Superstars minigames page features images of all 100 remastered minigames complete with tips and strategies.

Each of the 100 Mario Party Superstars minigames are listed below. Because all minigames are remastered versions of previous entries in the series, each minigame is separated by game instead of minigame type. If you have tips for any of these Mario Party Superstars minigames, whether it be a lesser known fact or a good strategy, feel free to share your idea in the submission form at the bottom of this page. For board tips, click here. For other unlockables, click here.

Mario Party Minigames (12)

Mushroom Mix-Up
  • Ground-pound your opponents to stun them in place which can stop them from reaching the selected platform in time.  ~ Pico Digital Studios
Bombs Away
  • Always jump whenever a cannonball is about to hit the ground or the water. If it hits the ground, you’ll avoid getting stunned, and if it hits the water you’ll avoid sliding off the platform as it tilts.  ~ P-Merks
Shy Guy Says
  • The first and second flags he won’t try to trick you. The third or fourth flag he will attempt a trick. ~ HaveANiceDay

Crazy Cutters
  • The direction you move can make a difference. For example, I prefer going clockwise on the Blooper, so that the character model doesn’t interfere with my sight during the tentacle section.  ~ Ezajium
Tipsy Tourney
  • Start by going to the bottom right, then upper right, then upper left, and and finally bottom left.  After, slightly push and make the reverse path going as close as possible to the remaining tiles.  ~ Haruwolf
Face Lift
Piranha’s Pursuit
  • Solo: You never really need to mash hard, it’s much more important to pay attention the jump momentum.  ~ Haruwolf
Tug o’ War
Bobsled Run
  • Trying to trap the opposing team is not a good idea because if they are at full speed and you hit a wall, the race is almost a guaranteed loss!  ~ General_JF
Handcar Havoc
  • You can maintain more speed if you tap the breaks rather than holding down the break on corners.  ~ P-Merks
Hammer Drop
  • Make sure you stay in the middle of the tower even if you see coins nearing the edge! If you fall off the tower, you lose all of your coins.  ~ MCMatt94
Cast Aways
  • The glove can only be thrown at three distances and you can tell the current distance by seeing how far back your glove is behind you.  ~ SuperZambezi
  • After pulling back for the maximum distance, you can still readjust and go for a closer distance as long as you haven’t let go of the control stick.  ~ SuperZambezi

Mario Party 2 Minigames (19)

Dizzy Dancing
  • Focus on the beam of light under the note and watch where it meets the ground if you’re having trouble understanding where you’re jumping and landing.  ~ SuperZambezi
  • The controls are just reversed, not random directions like in the original. I find it easier to traverse and collect multiple notes by constantly jumping instead of walking.  ~ P-Merks
  • Notes will only spawn in five places: Up, Down, Left, Right, and Center.  ~ P-Merks
Bumper Balls
  • If you’re on the edge and someone is pushing you over and over, move aside so you can reposition yourself and they might event fly off the stage.  ~ PickPokey#
  • Control the center of stage and try to play passive, it’s less failproof and it’s really hard to push you over.  ~ Haruwolf
Hot Rope Jump
  • The algorithm in the later phase of the game looks like this: a little bit of fast spins, then one slow spin, and then again fast spins, slow spin, and repeat.  ~ HaveANiceDay
  • When the flames are blue, the algorithm doesn’t change. However, at the 5th jump (when they turn orange) the algorithm changes, but it will stay the same at the 10th jump.  ~ HaveANiceDay
Tread Carefully
Bumper Balloon Cars
  • In Survival Mode, always prefer to play this minigame. Don’t move and everyone wins! Only go for another car if they going aggressive to other players.  ~ Haruwolf
Sneak ‘n’ Snore
  • The faster you go, the longer it will take you to get into the barrel when you want to stop.  ~ General_JF
Mecha Marathon
  • To mash both buttons efficiently, join your both fingers and harden them. Move them up and down as little as possible.  ~ Haruwolf
Slot Car Derby
  • To try and keep as much speed as possible around corners, quickly flick your joystick so you don’t lose so much speed but you also avoid spinning out.  ~ P-Merks
  • Some people don’t realize that if you tilt the joystick before the announcer says “Go!,” you spin out!  ~ HaveANiceDay
Bowser’s Big Blast
  • Theory time! Although this is a luck mingame, pick the red detonator as it will disappear after the first round. Perhaps that makes it safer?  ~ PickPokey#
  • Use probability to try control the luck. Push the lever that was the explosion on turn before!  ~ Haruwolf
Roll Call
  • Visually, try to divide the characters into little groups and count them individually after. This way you will be paying attention more if someone in the group walks away.  ~ Haruwolf
Honeycomb Havoc
  • When there are two people left, try to have exactly 5 fruits on your turn. Then hit a 2 to make 3 fruits left. No matter what the opponent does, you won. If it’s impossible to get 5, try with a 4 and then roll a 1.  ~ HaveANiceDay
  • Team: Try and pin the purple tags so that they can’t interfere as much with your movement. You only really need to move away from them when the solo player is targeting you. ~ Ezajium
Look Away
Dungeon Dash
Speed Hockey
Balloon Burst
  • Don’t watch the animations of the characters, focus on the gauge just below!  ~ General_JF
Cake Factory
  • Don’t be afraid to space out your grabs to avoid missing one! It’s better to ensure you grab successfully than to rush.  ~ Ezajium
Sky Pilots
  • Pilot: Always stay low as possible, it’s much more easy to lean away from bombs. Try to aim for the bottom middle too, it’s easier to curve to get both rainbows this way.  ~ Haruwolf
Quicksand Cache
Roll Out the Barrels
Hammer Slammer

Mario Party 3 Minigames (24)

Snowball Summit
  • Play defensive by rushing into a player’s snowball if it is tiny. Unlike Mario Party 3, if several players are alive at the end of the mini game, everyone left alive wins.  ~ General_JF
  •  If you are in the final two and your opponent already has a snowball and you do not, don’t try to contest them! Their larger snowball will be able to go right through yours and knock you out! Instead, try and stay directly behind your opponent and wait out the timer, they won’t be able turn fast enough to get you.  ~ P-Merks
Ice Rink Risk
  • I find it easier near the end to just stay in one spot along the edge and jump when a shell comes rather than just moving around. Just be careful because the second and third shells will randomly spawn somewhere along the edges.  ~ P-Merks
Bounce ‘n’ Trounce
Storm Chasers
  • Don’t chase the cloud. Concentrate where the cloud will go next and take the shortest route.  ~ Haruwolf
Mush Pit
  • Stay close to your opponents so if someone else hits the block with the Mega Mushroom, you can jump in and grab it before they have the chance.  ~ P-Merks
Cheep Cheep Chase
Chip Shot Challenge
  • Don’t try to copy the computers or other players online! The game will alter or cut off their marker.  ~ SuperZambezi
  • Always put the shot line literally over the pin, the physics of the game is very different from the Mario Golf games.  ~ Haruwolf
Rockin’ Raceway
  • Don’t go full speed at the start, you will always get the bad carrot. Stay between 2-3 carrots. The first carrot changes every 15 seconds.  ~ Haruwolf
Messy Memory
  • Since most people memorize most of the top row and not much of the bottom, I always make sure to memorize all of the bottom row and then look at other people’s screens if I need help with the top row.  ~ P-Merks
Tidal Toss
Boulder Ball
Coconut Conk
Spotlight Swim
Hide and Sneak
  • Despite what it looks like, the direction that the characters are moving are NOT accurate to where they are actually going! When playing on the solo team, DON’T try to keep track of each players movements.  ~ IcyBanana7
  • When you are playing on the team side with friends or family near you that you can actually talk to, be aware of the strategy’s you can use. If there are 2 of you left on round 3, communicate with your partner and tell them where your hiding. Tell them to hide in a different spot, and no matter what the solo player does, you win!  ~ IcyBanana7
Etch ‘n’ Catch
Picking Panic
  • When you have to toss a cherry to your teammate, let go a little earlier, because the cherry is lighter and if you let go too late, your partner will not be able to catch it.  ~ General_JF
Eatsa Pizza
Tick Tock Hop
  • The sequence changes every 3, 4 or 5 jumps.  ~ HaveANiceDay
Vine With Me
  • Even if a vine seems clearly out of reach, you should take the leap to try and grab it. Even if you miss, you’ll be back up on your vine before it comes back around to try again. If you manage to barely grab the vine, you’ll gain a massive advantage on your opponent.  ~ P-Merks
Motor Rooter
  • Even if you can’t see the electric trail itself from far away, just know that the safe spot is always on the direct opposite side of the Amp.  ~ P-Merks
Parasol Plummet
  • Try your best to stay to one side and stay there so you can grab the coins as soon as they are thrown. You can line yourself up and time your opens/closes to be right next to the Hammer Bro as soon as he throws the coins!  ~ P-Merks
River Raiders
Puddle Paddle
Mario’s Puzzle Party
  • Just spam hard drop until the 3 columns on the left are full. Once that happens, try and start a combo with the last column!  ~ Ezajium
  • The name of the game is speed! Utilize the instant drop to get as many blocks down as possible. Not only does this lead to massive combo strings but it’ll also drop plenty of brick blocks on your opponents.  ~ P-Merks
Winner’s Wheel
  • To ensure you don’t lose the minigame, press when the light appears above Bowser Jr. and you’ll get them item that is three or four spots after him.  ~ PickPokey#
Bobbing Bow-loons
Swinging with Sharks

Mario Party 4 Minigames (8)

Trace Race
  • Any marks made outside the line does not count against you. The only thing that is being counted is whether or not the line is colored in. That means if you miss a spot, don’t hesitate to go back and fill it in!  ~ SuperZambezi
  • The title of this minigame is misleading! It’s not actually a race. Take breaks between long strings of movements and focus on only the line you have to trace to be as accurate as possible! Don’t look behind at your mistakes, they will only make it worse!  ~ IcyBanana7
  • As the pages begin to fall faster, pay more attention to the next page to identify the next hole rather than making sure your character is in the right spot.  ~ SuperZambezi
Paths of Peril
  • At the forks, you should always start by going to the left. While moving towards this path, if you can see ground jutting out at the top of the screen, switch directions and go to the right, as the path on the left is most likely the longer path.  ~ P-Merks
Dungeon Duos
  • At the second spinning platform, once the first player gets across have both players mash to get the single platform back to the other player more quickly.  ~ P-Merks
  • Rather than looking at your own side, keep an eye on your opponent and follow where they go so you can immediately turn each button they press back on to them.  ~ P-Merks
Money Belts
Beach Volley Folly
  • You always need to be right under the marker, you will not have range if you stay on border.  ~ Haruwolf
  • Blocking can be riskier, but is really good against aggressive players that shoot on second pass. Stay close to net and jump.  ~ Haruwolf

Mario Party 5 Minigames (10)

Dinger Derby
  • Pay attention to the hands, the build up to the throws and sounds can give you an indication on the type of throw that’s coming. A quick throw will be a slow lob, and a slow throw will be a fast ball.  ~ P-Merks
Leaf Leap
  • There cannot be more than 3 leaves in a row on the same side. If you see 3 in a row, you can immediately jump to the other side without needing to react.  ~ Ezajium
  • Everyone has the same pattern! If you fall off a leaf or are falling behind, take a peak at your opponents to get an idea of what your upcoming leaf placements will be so you can make faster movements to catch up!  ~ P-Merks
Pushy Penguins
  • If you get trapped by a few small penguins, don’t give up! Keep holding to the right since their hitboxes are smaller than they appear. You may be able to squeeze past them as they jump into the water.  ~ P-Merks
Coney Island
  • Your opponents can’t move you if you are standing still, so try to get your cone under shadows as fast as possible and then stop moving until the scoop lands in your cone.  ~ P-Merks
Bill Blasters
  • The green markers on ground can actually help you the moment that you need to press the button. When you ride above green marker, press the button.  ~ Haruwolf
  • If you just shot or get shot, you’ll slow down so use that to your advantage.  ~ PickPokey#
  • Remember that if the opponent’s bullet hits a cannon or another bullet, it doesn’t do damage, so if you’re good at timing, shoot the bullet at the right moment to stop from spinning and avoid getting hit.  ~ HaveANiceDay
Night Light Fright
  • It takes about a second for your light to actually turn on after you press the button. It’s usually safest to hit the button right after the Chomp knocks over the can closest to you.  ~ P-Merks
Later Skater
  • From the beginning of the race, try at all costs to be ahead of all the players because if an opponent behind you pushes you, you will take a little acceleration!  ~ General_JF
  • Hold left slightly and never changing the direction. At this rate you will make really close curves on left and right sides.  ~ Haruwolf
Squared Away
Tube It or Lose It
Ice Hockey

Mario Party 6 Minigames (12)

Catch You Letter
  • There are always two pink love letters that give three points each. One shows at the 16 second mark and the other appears at the 6 second mark.  ~ SuperZambezi
Trap Ease Artist
What Goes Up…
  • Jump first, change the direction later. This way you can jump on Paratroopa that is directly above you.  ~ Haruwolf
Snow Whirled
  • Put your thumb in your T-shirt or a cloth, then spin through those 4 buttons.  ~ HaveANiceDay
  • Position your right hand middle finger on the A button, the right hand index finger on the B button, the left hand middle finger on the X button, and the left hand index finger on the Y button. Then I just circulate my fingers in order.  ~ Nunya Bizness
  • Try at your own risk! Putt a large battery on the buttons, then mash!  ~ PickPokey#
Dark ‘n Crispy
Pit Boss
  • Bowser throws his third spike ball onto the spike ball that stopped. This way you always know where it’s going by calculating the ball’s trajectory.  ~ PickPokey#
  • Be sure to make use of your mobility! To give yourself extra space, jump and move forward to make sure you get over the bar. Immediately move back after landing to stay away from the edge.  ~ SuperZambezi
  • Stay close to the edge so you have more time to react.  ~ HaveANiceDay
Rocky Road
  • For whatever reason computers love to go to the rock on your side. Keep this in mind, you may want to run over to your partner’s rock to avoid accidental punches!  ~ SuperZambezi
  • For the small rocks, spam regular punches, and for the medium and large rocks, spam kicks. Remember you can do 2 kicks with just 1 jump!  ~ HaveANiceDay
  • Pattern is always the same: two small boulders first, then one small boulder, then three of them, then two medium ones and finally one large one.  ~ HaveANiceDay
Mass Meteor
  • If you and your opponent (especially if it’s a computer) make it through without hitting any of the asteroids, make sure to push all the way to the right as the first one through the ring wins.
  • Don’t be afraid to take your time! The screen autoscrolls so you don’t need to be pressed up to the right side of the screen the whole time.  ~ P-Merks
X-Ray Payday
  • This minigame will always give out a max amount of 20 coins, not 19 like the original!  ~ SuperZambezi
Block Star

Mario Party 7 Minigames (6)

Monty’s Revenge
The Final Countdown
Pokey Pummel
  • It’s hard to win as a solo player, but as a team player, going against the platform is going to be much easier than going to the same side where the platform is moving!  ~ General_JF
  • Solo: Avoid changing the platform every second, the platform takes time to change sides so you’ll just lose time.  ~ General_JF
Spin Doctor
  • It’s preferable to watch the pink platforms over the blue platforms from a distance.  ~ Haruwolf
Stick and Spin
  • Don’t worry too much about the black and white balls. Focus on speed and making sure the other colors line up correctly. Eventually, the neutral-colored balls should sort themselves out.  ~ Ezajium

Mario Party 8 Minigames (2)

Paint Misbehavin’
Winner or Dinner

Mario Party 9 Minigames (4)

Manor of Escape
  • If you entered two of the doors that didn’t lead to the next floor and did not go back through, the remaining door is the correct one. The door you originally arrived through cannot be the way to the next floor.  ~ HaveANiceDay
Goomba Spotting
  • Don’t count all the Goombas as one single group, there is no need to know that number at the end. Instead, count the Goombas as different groups as they appear. This can make it easier so you’re not getting into the double digits.  ~ SuperZambezi
  • There are usually more than 32 Goombas and less than 41.  ~ HaveANiceDay
Tackle Takedown
  • Solo: Using your three dashes in quick succession will help you gain a quick distance advantage over your opponents, making it very difficult for them to catch up to you.  ~ P-Merks
  • Team: Try to spread out. If you all group together it’ll make it easier for the one to quickly dash past all of you.
  •   ~ P-Merks
Shell Soccer
  • If you have the shell, try to get as close as possible to the Goombas, then kick at angle of 1° or 2° to hit several Goombas in a row.  ~ PickPokey#

Mario Party 10 Minigames (3)

Flash Forward
  • Try to make the most ground pounds as soon as the timer reaches its last seconds and then position yourself on the podium. The animations of people taking a ground pound are long, you will have all your time to go on the podium. Keep in mind that they have a few seconds of invincibility after being hit, so try not to ground pound them too soon!  ~ General_JF
Rapid River Race
  • This is a minigame where the practice session is great for experimenting with different speeds just before playing the real thing.  ~ Brachy08
  • Try staying just below the top speed, it should be easy enough to dodge any obstacles, leading to more consistent placing!  ~ Ezajium
Skewer Scurry
  • As the single player, don’t forget you can push quickly on each side to highlight the triangles and scare or confuse the other team!  ~ SuperZambezi

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