Mario Party Superstars

A brand new Mario Party is headed to Nintendo Switch! Mario Party Superstars was announced during Nintendo’s E3 2021 digital presentation with a launch set for October 29.

The brand new entry focuses on bringing back and remastering classic boards and minigames from the past featuring 100 returning minigames and 5 boards redone from the Nintendo 64 games. Every game mode will have online play and players can communicate using stickers that appear on-screen. Items also return!

Hit either of the two links below for our Mario Party Superstars board and minigame lists, along with tips and advice for each. Got a tip of your own? Make sure to submit any helpful advice with the submission form at the bottom of each tip page!

Board Tips  |  Minigame Tips | Unlockables | DLC

Release Dates

North America Australia Europe Japan
Friday, October 29, 2021  (Worldwide Release)

Playable Characters

Mario Party Superstars has a total of 10 playable characters.

Mario Luigi Peach Yoshi
Wario Donkey Kong Daisy Waluigi
Birdo Rosalina

5 Boards

Each board is a remastered version of a previous board from either Mario Party 1, 2, or 3.

Yoshi’s Tropical Island Cake (MP1) Space Land (MP2) Peach’s Birthday (MP1)
Woody Woods (MP3) Horror Land (MP2)

100 Mini-Games

All 100 minigames return from previous entries from throughout the series. Check out our list of Mario Party Superstars minigames for a complete look at each one.

Mario Party 1 (12) Mario Party 2 (19) Mario Party 3 (24)
Mario Party 4 (8) Mario Party 5 (10) Mario Party 6 (12)
Mario Party 7 (6) Mario Party 8 (2) Mario Party 9 (4)
Mario Party 10 (3)


Six modes accessible from the Mushroom Square, the revamped Mushroom Village from the original game. Outside the main mode that lets you play the boards, Mt. Minigames is a minigame only mode where you fight against other players.

Mario Party Mt. Minigames Toad’s Shop
Data House Friend House Option House


There are 16 items total in Mario Party Superstars. Each board has a different selection of items in the shop but most items, although rare, can be obtained through Item Minigames or the Item Bag.

Icon Name Price Usage
Skeleton Key 3 coins Allows you to open gates on the board.
Mushroom 3 coins Adds 5 to your roll.
Cursed Dice Block 3 coins Dice block will only roll from 1 to 3.
Double Dice 5 coins Roll two dice blocks in one turn.
Triple Dice 10 coins Roll three dice blocks in one turn.
Custom Dice Block 12 coins Select any number from 1 to 10.
Warp Block 7 coins Trade places with a random player.
Chomp Call 7 coins Moves the Star to a different location.
Golden Pipe 25 coins Takes you straight to the Star. You still have to purchase it.
Plunder Chest 20 coins Swap an item with another player.
Boo Bell Summon Boo at your current location.
Dueling Glove Select a player to duel and wager coins.
Super Warp Block Choose a character to swap places with.
Hidden Block Card 40 coins Will force a hidden block to appear!
Double Star Card While holding this item, get two stars instead of one when purchasing a star.
Item Bag Lucky Space Receive three random items at once.


Blue Space Gives 3 coins.
Red Space Takes away 3 coins.
Event Space Activates a board specific event.
VS Space Starts a battle minigame where coins are wagered.
Item Space Play an item minigame to earn an item.
Lucky Space Spin a roulette with different rewards.
Bank Space Pay a 5 coin whenever you pass this space. Land on it to get all the collected coins at that point.
Bowser Space Summons Bowser, most likely.
Chance Time Space Starts Chance Time where two players will either swap or give coins or stars.