Mario Party: Island Tour – Modes

Mario Party: Island Tour features five different modes.


Party Mode

There are seven boards in total, including one unlocakble board:

  • Perilous Palace Path
  • Banzai Bill’s Mad Mountain
  • Star-Crossed Skyway
  • Rocket Road
  • Kamek’s Carpet Ride
  • Shy Guy’s Shuffle City (requires 3-4 human players)
  • Bowser’s Peculiar Peak (unlockable)


Minigames Mode


There are three modes to play in Minigame Mode:

  • Free Play – Select any minigame to play. Practice your favorites and become a minigame master!
  • Time Attack – Play 10 minigames, and see how fast you can clear them!
  • Hot-Air Hijinks – Battle it out across various minigames until one player wins 3, 5, or 7 matches to become the champion!


StreetPass Minigames


StreetPass with other Mario Party: Island Tour owners and battle their ghost characters in minigames.


Bowser’s Tower


Play through 30 floors of Bowser’s Tower. Each floor has you facing off three of Bowser’s cloned goons in one of two minigames. Every fifth floor contains a boss:

  • 5th Floor – Goomba Tower
  • 10th Floor – Chain Chomp
  • 15th Floor – Mr. Blizzard
  • 20th Floor – King Bob-omb
  • 25th Floor – Dry Bowser
  • 30th Floor – Bowser




Come here to spend your Mario Party Points you have earned from the other modes! You can purchase Bubbles and Memories that allow you to listen to music clips and voice samples from the game. You can also check your Minigame Records here.