Mario Party DS Minigames – Tips, List, and Unlockables

Our Mario Party DS minigames page features complete images of all minigames along with tips and strategies for every minigame and any unlockables.

Each of the 75 Mario Party DS minigames are listed below. If you have tips for any of these Mario Party DS minigames, whether it be a lesser known fact or a good strategy, feel free to share your idea in the submission form at the bottom of this page. For board tips, click here.

4-Player Minigames (32)

All these minigames can also be played as duel minigames.

Goomba Wrangler
Rail Riders
Dress for Success
Camera Shy
Hedge Honcho
  • Two rows of leaves contain a ladybug, two rows of leaves contain a bee and one row of leaves contains no bugs at all!  ~ Spongyoshi
Study Fall
Domino Effect
Trace Cadets
Soccer Survival
Hot Shots
Call of the Goomba
Pedal Pushers
Roller Coasters
Get the Lead Out
Shortcut Circuit
Big Blowout
Trash Landing
Cheep Cheep Chance
  • It doesn’t matter which rope you choose. Even using save states, you will always get the same result!  ~ Jan828
  • Don’t stay in corners. If someone gets eliminated close to where you are, you’ll be stuck!  ~ Spongyoshi
Twist and Route
Crater Crawl
Boogie Beam
Parachutin’ Gallery
Boo Tag
Dust Buddies
Cyber Scamper
Soap Surfers
Sweet Sleuth
  • Shy Guy will ask every player the same candies in the same order! If you see an opponent giving the same candy before you, you can peak at their speech bubble to know which candy is next!  ~ Spongyoshi
Tidal Fools
Raft Riot
All Geared Up

1 vs 3 Minigames (12)

Power Washer
Fast Food Frenzy
Track Star
Shuffleboard Showdown
  • As the single player it can be useful to push two of the the jetons slowly and letting them bounce from the walls all the way to the players. The third jeton can then be used to snipe the other two for surprising attacks. This tactic also allows for more movement in the last seconds when more jetons fall from above.  ~ CedrikPle
  • An easy way to win against CPUs is to push the three chips horizontally against each-others. This will force the players to jump over them and while it can take some players by surprise, it works wonders against the CPUs, especially those of higher level.  ~ Spongyoshi
Flash and Dash
Rubber Ducky Rodeo
Plush Crush
Rotisserie Rampage
Nothing to Luge
Penny Pinchers
Gusty Blizzard

2 vs 2 Minigames (13)

Soil Toil
Double Vision
Memory Mash
Cube Crushers
Mole Thrill
Sprinkler Scalers
  • When there’s two bolts horizontally aligned, the CPU will always use Y to rotate them.   ~ Spongyoshi
  • While it might seem easier to just scrub the screen as fast as possible, to get the fastest results, you have to scrub the entire screen horizontally at a tempered pace.  ~ Gianluca_S
Hanger Management
Book It!
Toppling Terror
Crazy Crosshairs
Shorty Scorers

Duel Minigames (32)

All 32 duel minigames in Mario Party DS are simply two player variants of all the 4-Player minigames. The strategies and tips are basically the same.

Battle Minigames (5)

Cheep Chump
Star Catchers
Short Fuse
Globe Runners
Chips and Dips

Boss Minigames (5)

Feed and Seed
Hammer Chime
Book Bash
Bowser’s Block Party

Puzzle Minigames (6)

Mario’s Puzzle Party
Bob-omb Breakers
Piece Out
Block Star
Stick and Spin
  • When the bubbles or the black/white balls appear, try to slow down your pace to make sure you are precisely placing the balls.  ~ Anonymous
  • If any ball has a number, try to speedily clear it as fast as possible with an onslaught of balls.  ~ Anonymous
  • When bubbles with the number 4 or higher appear in single player mode and you are close to finishing a series of 5 levels, it is often best to set them aside in a junk pile.  ~ Anonymous
Triangle Twisters

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