Mario Party 9 Modes [Speculation]

While we don’t have a full list of confirmed modes, but here are the modes we do know about:

    • Party Adventure
    • Minigame Mode
    •      – Free Play Mode
    •      – Step Up
    •      – Garden Battle
    • Story Mode
    • Extras Mode

Party Adventure Mode

A new take on the classic Battle Royale Mode, the main mode of Mario Party 9 has all four players romping through a board to make it to an end goal. Instead of having the ability to roam to whatever corner of the map you please, all four players will stay on a single platform in which all the players move together, despite who’s turn it is. Players will be working together while still fighting individually for the best score. Captains, assuming they are the ones who’s turn it currently is, will also be able to do Captain events that somehow changes the shape of the game. There is also an emphasis on landing on “lucky spaces”, but it has not been revealed what these spaces do. There are still many questions left about this mode, like whether stars and coins will be making a return. Instead, mini stars are scattered across the board that players individually collect. Hitting the dice will only result in a number between 1 and 6. Based on the information we have, timed games and turns may not not be reappearing because there is now an end point to the board maps.

Whether or not the classic Mario Party style of play is returning is still not known.



Mini-Game Mode

Free Play Mode

We can easily assume that this mode will let players replay any mini-game they played in the Main Mode.

Step Up

This is the same minigame mode from Mario Party DS. Players compete by winning minigames and moving up a step on the staris for each win. The first plaer to the top wins.

Garden Battle

Players plant plants whenever the win a minigame. The first player to fill their garden with plants wins.

Story Mode

Very little is known, but we know that a single player will play on the boards with “Bowser’s minions”. The story revolves around Bowser stealing the Mini Stars from the sky.

Extras Mode

This mode features mini-games that are not playable in the main mode. We only know of two different mini-games:

  • Goomba Bowling
  • Castle Clearout