Mario Party 9 Mini-Games [Speculation]


Mario Party 9 will feature 80 different mini-games, along with some new mini-game types. So far, the only mini-game types we know of are:

  • 4-Player
  • 1-VS.-3
  • 2 VS 2
  • Boss Battles
  • Bowser Jr.  (2-VS.-1)
  • Extra Mode Mini-Games

There Bowser Jr. mini-games have not been officially announced, but screens clearly shows a new mini-game type where two players are playing against a single player (2-VS.-1). This new mini-game type seems to always involve Bowser Jr. as the single player, hinting at something similar to Mario Party 7’s Single-Player DK mini-games where a player would face only DK each time.


Polar Extremes



The return of Platform Peril! Now themed with a New Super Mario Bros. look, this new mini-game also gives players a heart meter. Could there be obstacles that hurt and slow down players, or is it a stamina meter that replenishes once a player slows down?

Launch Break

Pump, Pump and Away from Mario Party 3 could be the model for this mini-game. This time each player gets a rocket for themselves and there seems to be three stages to getting the rocket going. The first looks like you have to press the “1” button as fast as you can, the second part would be the “2” button, and the third is shaking your Wii Remote. The first player to get the meter all the way to the right wins.

Pizza Me, Mario

Very little is known about this mini-game, save for the fact sheet that stated players will be “making pizzas”. Based on the screen above, the objective would seem for you to try to get as many toppings as you can on the pizza. The winner is probably determined by the character that skips the most toppings.

 Speeding Bullets

Looks like a short racing Mini-Game. Race to the finish line first to win. Go for the booster (Daisy area) and watch out for the Green Pipes with Piranha Plants ( and Koopa Troopa areas).

Mecha Choice

A lot like the Battle Mini-Game Locked Out! from Mario Party 3. The difference is, you must escape (run away) from the Mecha-Koopas. Pick the correct door to continue. Pick the wrong door, and you fail.

Growing Up

Another mini-game where the rules are unclear. The rolling block will stop on a button on the Wii Remote and each player tries to hit it first. It is unknown what happens when you hit it first.

4-Player #1


Thwomps come crushing to the ground at different times while players try to avoid getting squashed. Surviving the set amount of time is most likely the way to win.

4-Player #3


Reminiscent of Log Jam from Mario Party 3, only all players are going for the same log. First one to get three wins.

4-Player #4


Simple mini-game. As the Pianta tosses the rings, let the ring land on you to get points. Different colored rings seem to give you a different amount of points.

4-Player #5


This one is a bit different. As Goombas run across the screen, the players are seen frantically pressing the A button. Are players racking up points when Goombas run across the screen? There is no point counter for any of the players.

4-Player #7


Basing the idea off of Mario Party 6’s Smashdance, this mini-game has you ground-pounding the blocks on the ground searching for mushrooms. It is possible to get two mushrooms in one block, thus getting two points.

4-Player #8


Using the concept of Mario Party 7’s Hammer Spammer, players avoid the incoming Bullet Bills as they face the timer. As most Mario Party Mini-Games, getting hit will remove you from the game.

4-Player #9

Rock Climbing the real way. Sort of. Hit the buttons in the correct order as shown and be the first to the top. Simple.


4-Player #10

This one has me [SuperZambezi] a bit stumped. Players are pulling on a string of plants that release beets. Each beet is worth one point. How these beets or this plant is pulled is beyond me.

4-Player #12

A vase is rotating at an alarming rate. The first player to correctly match the design of the vases at the bottom with the spinning vase four times, wins. However, it is unknown what the numbers could mean to. They may be points, and whoever has the most, wins. Not getting the vase four times.

4-Player #13


Avoid the incoming balls of death! The spiked balls will roll down hitting posts that change the direction of the ball. Getting hit by one will obviously kick you out of the game.

4-Player #15

Splatter the blank canvas with paint. The objective seems to be to get your paint to show as much as possible. It is unclear how the different sizes of splatters come into play. The setting is from the Toad Town, another reference to Super Mario Galaxy.

4-Player #17

A little bit like Manta Rings from Mario Party 4, jump through the rings to score points as you ride on the Dolphin. Time your jumps carefully to score a lot of points. The character with the most points, wins.

 4-Player #19

This Mini-Game looks like the one from Dodge Ball from Mario Party 5, or Wrasslin’ Rapids from Mario Party 6. Avoid the Bob-ombs and try not to fall into the murky purple river.

 4-Player #21

It is unknown what the objective seems to be for this Mini-Game. Follow the arrows to perform well, it seems.

 4-Player #22

You are encased in bubbles, floating towards space. Avoid the mines, as hitting one will obviously burst your bubble. The objective seems to be that you have to collect the most balloons to win.

 4-Player #23

You will be jump roping here. Follow the appropriate directions of the controls to win in eight rounds. Whoever scores the most points, wins.

 4-Player #24

Seems to be the Leaf Leapers from Mario Party 5, jump higher into the sky by using the green and white blocks. The player with the highest altitude will win.

4-Player #25

Tilt the round panel to move the ball over the highlighted area. Get the most points to win.


1-VS.-3 #1


One player roams around trying to get the other players. Multiple Dry Bones are set around the stage, serving as obstacles to players trying to flee. This screen is leading many to believe that Dry Bones is not a playable character.

1-VS.-3 #2


One player tries to get the other three players out with a variety of methods. The single player has a choice of three different switches. One is to emit a ring of electricity, the second is to blow out a gust of wind, and a third has something to do with fire, presumably the four fire jets sitting on the corners of the arena.

1-VS.-3 #3

One player is running solo while the others are in the snowmobiles trying to crash into the solo player. The solo player must avoid the three players and outlast the timer. The three players can only move on the lines seen on the track. However, the solo player can move freely.

1-VS.-3 #4

Boweser Jr. (2-VS.-1)

Bowser Jr. Mini-Game #1


The image shows Mario and Luigi chasing Bowser Jr. through in an area completely designed after New Super Mario Bros.. Bowser Jr. seems to be making a run for the a pipe. Could this lead to another part of the mini-game? Is this even a mini-game? Or will the yellow pipe just lead to the other yellow pipe on the bottom?

Bowser Jr. Mini-Game #2


Bowser Jr. uses the Koopa Clown Car to fight players in their own standard ones. The goal is to bump Bowser Jr. into the electricity surrounding the arena. Interestingly, Bowser Jr. is the only one with a health meter. The game play of this mini-game seems to be similar to where you fight Topman in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Bowser Jr. Mini-Game #3


In a game similar to Mario Party 7’s Hop-O-Matic 4000, players quickly shake the Wii Remote up and down to maneuver their machine down the path. Again, the player seems to be chasing Bowser Jr.

Boss Battles

Lakitu Boss Battle

Avoid the Spinies Lakitu throws at you (or possibly from blocks). Get the weapons from the blocks to use against Lakitu to score points. Get the most points by the time Lakitu’s health is depleted to win.

 Wiggler Boss Battle

The image shows a free roam area where players try to jump on a moving Wiggler. Wario was able to get three points in one jump while Yoshi only managed one point.

Chain Chomp Boss Battle

An angry Chain Chomp is on the lose in the mountain! Use the carts to bring in the cannons to blast out cannonballs to damage Chain Chomp. Get the most points by the time Chain Chomp’s health is depleted to win.


Big Bob-omb Boss Battle

Press the appropriate button to get the Bob-ombs in which you’ll then throw at Big Bob-omb. The bigger the Bob-omb, the more risky it is to score points, perhaps? Get the most points by the time Big Bob-omb’s health is depleted to win.


Blooper Boss Battle

Shoot the Blooper as many times as possible? Looks like the only explanation. Also, this screen may show that Blooper will not return as a playable character, unless of course, the Blooper in the screen is a larger version of a normal Blooper. Get the most points by the time Blooper’s health is depleted to win.

Whomp Boss Battle 

This particular boss looks like players will be taking turns turning the swtiches on some sort of machine. It is unclear how the Whomp gets hurt or what the machine does. Therefore, it is also unclear how we score points here. Outrun the Whomp, perhaps?

King Boo Boss Battle

– No Screen –

Nothing is known about this boss battle, save forthe fact that you will be fighting King Boo. King Boo might be the boss of Boo’s Horror Castle.

Bowser Boss Battle

– No Screen –

Nothing is known about this boss battle, save for the fact that you will be fighting Bowser. Judging on past Mario Party games, it is posible that Bowser will be the last boss of the game as well as the boss of his own board.

Extra Mode

Goomba Bowling

Not quite the Bowl Over of Mario Party and Mario Party 2, but similar. Each player takes a turn rolling the shell down the lane and tries to hit as many Goombas as possible. The shell can ricochet off the walls.

Football Minigame

Very little is known about this minigame, but it is an Extra Minigame.

Castle Clearout

– No Screen –

Not much is known about this Extra Mini-Game, but the mini-game will include puzzle elements.

Unknown Mini-Games

Unfortunately, very little information has been given for these mini-games and they cannot be placed in any of the categories above.

Unknown Mini-Game #1

All we know about this mini-game is that players will be “escaping haunted mansions”.