Mario Party 9 Boards [Speculation]

Mario Party 9 will have a total of seven boards. Only four have been confirmed so far:

  • Toad Road
  • Boo’s Horror Castle
  • Bob-omb Factory
  • Unknown Water Board
  • Unknown Lava Mine Board

Toad Road

The Mario Party 9 trailer featured a single board, styled after the recent Mario outings of the New Super Mario Bros. series. It features classic hills, windmills, a fortress and even a mushroom house. Cannons, pipes and even a beanstalk can be seen in the distance.



The trailer shows a short segment where Peach is traveling down a path in a cave by herself. If you look closely, this cave begins and ends with red pipes, the same pipes that are scattered across the board. We assume that landing on a certain space will cause the player to take this underground route. Perhaps this is where the musical notes come in? It should also be noted that Peach is not going a set number of spaces and is not in the car seen throughout the trailer and screens.


Boo’s Horror Castle

Very little is known about this board, save for the fact that it is run by Boo and multiple Boos are set to appear in different locations on the board.

Instead of using the car from Toad Road, players will ride a magic carpet that will take them through the board. There is also a happening space in the first image that appears to deal with the vase. The arc in the first image can be seen in the second image in the top left corner. While nothing has been confirmed, the already mentioned King Boo will most likely be the boss of this board.

Bob-omb Factory

This board will feature moving conveyer belts and Whomp and Big Bob-omb will be bosses of the board.



Water Board

Not much is known about this board, but it is set to have a submarine. Blooper will be a boss or a mini-boss of this board.


Lava Mine Board

“Each board feels like a level in a Mario game, so there is an underground lava mine where you’re in a mine cart and there is lava chasing you and you are building your way to the top”.