Mario Party 9 Secrets



Unockable Characters

Shy Guy – Complete Story Mode.

Kamek – Complete Story Mode.

Unlockable Boards

Bowser Station – Complete Story Mode or play through every one of the initial five boards in Party Mode.

DK’s Jungle Ruins – Purchase for 500 Party Points in the Museum.

Unlockable Modes

Staff Best – Purchase for 100 Party Points.

COM Master Difficulty – Purchase for 200 Party Points.

Boss Rush – Purchase for 500 Party Points at the Museum after completing Story Mode.

Unlockable Music

Stage Music – Purchase for 100 Party Points at the Museum.

Minigame Music 1 – Purchase for 100 Party Points at the Museum.

Minigame Music 2 – Purchase for 100 Party Points at the Museum.

Other Tracks – Purchase for 100 Party Points at the Museum.

Character Voices – Purchase for 100 Party Points at the Museum.

Unlockable Constellations

Each constellation can be purchased for 50 Party Points each.



Unlockable Vehicles

Vehicle Image Cost Boards
Toad Mobile Free Toad Road
Rickety Ride 200 Toad Road
Wiggler Wagon 200 Toad Road
Factory Walker Free Bob-omb Factory
Gear Shifter 200 Bob-omb Factory
Big Bob-omb Bus 200 Bob-omb Factory
Flying Carpet Free Boo’s Horror Castle
Float Mattress 200 Boo’s Horror Castle
Boo Blanket 200 Boo’s Horror Castle
Sub Baleen Free Blooper Beach
Coral Explorer 200 Blooper Beach
Blooper Boat 200 Blooper Beach
Shaky Mine Cart Free Magma Mine
Bone Barrow 200 Magma Mine
Chain Chomp Coupe 200 Magma Mine
Space Scuttle Free Bowser Station
Shiny Saucer 200 Bowser Station
Starship Bowser 200 Bowser Station
Barrel Roller Free DK’s Jungle Ruins
Jungle Junker 200 DK’s Jungle Ruins
DK’s Banana Slider 200 DK’s Jungle Ruins



Contributed by: SuperZambezi

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