Mario Party 9 Modes

Mario Party 9 features a total of five main modes with plenty of smaller modes found within the main five.

  • Party Mode
  • Minigame Mode
  • – Free Play
  • – Step Up
  • – Garden Battle
  • – Choice Challenge
  • – High Rollers
  • – Time Attack
  • – Bosh Rush
  • Solo Mode
  • Museum
  • Extras
  • – Perspective Mode

 Party Mode

Forget what you previously knew about the Mario Party formula as Mario Party 9 makes some drastic changes in the way Party Mode is played. Instead of collecting coins and buying stars, players will now collect Mini Stars as well as Mini Ztars that will ultimately decide who wins in the end. Players no longer trek the board themselves as a new vehicle has all the players traveling together. This allows for new events to take place like the new captain events that has all the players compete in a board event. Boards are now linear and feature an end goal. There are no turns and minigames are played when a player lands on one of the Minigame spaces. Each board has a mid-boss as well as a final boss at the end.

Minigame Mode

The main Minigame Mode is home to seven separate modes that allow for some interesting battles that involve minigames.

Free Play

Free Play Mode allows you to play any minigame at any time. All minigames are unlocked from the start, except for the Boss Battles will have to be played in either Party Mode or Solo Mode before being unlocked.

Step Up

Just live previous Mario Party games, Step Up has you gaining a level or moving up a step for every minigame that you win. Whoever makes it to the top wins! You can set the the amount of wins required to 3, 5, or 7.

Garden Battle

For every minigame that you win, you will be able to pick one of the plant blocks to fill your 5×5 garden. Players will get to pick their plant block first depending on their placement in the minigame results. Fill your entire garden to win

Choice Challenge

You are presented with five different minigames. Every players picks three minigames, and each player will only play the minigames they picked. 100 points are awarded for first place, 50 for second, 30 for third, and 10 for fourth. Some minigames will be considered Change Minigames adn they will be worth 150 points.

High Rollers

Players roll around the board to pick up points. Each block is worth a certain amount of points, but the amount will decrease by 10 as players pass over them. Once a block reaches 0 points, the block will revert back to 30 points. Rolling over a POW block will reduce all the blocks by 10 points. Players who come in first place get to move four spaces, second gets to move three spaces, third gets two spaces, and fourth gets one space. Be the first to get 500 points to win!

Time Attack

In this Decathlon mode, you will be assigned 10 minigames to play that will each contribute to your overall time. Try to get the lowest time to get the best results. Each minigame has a Bonus Challenge that will shave off three seconds off your overall time if achieved. The order of the minigames can be changed to better fit you. The minigames are as follows:

  1. Snow Go
  2. Jigsaw Jumble
  3. Peak Precision
  4. Speedy Bullets
  5. Chain Event
  6. Ballistic Beach
  7. Upward Mobility
  8. Pizza Me, Mario
  9. Flinger Painting
  10. Pit or Platter

Boss Rush

Boss Rush has you facing off all the bosses and mid-bosses in chronological order. You have the option to fight just the mid-bosses, just the bosses, or both all together.

Story Mode


In Story Mode, players follow the story of Bowser and Bowser Jr. as they try to escape with all the Mini Stars. Players will play the first five boards as well as the unlockable Bowser board.


The Museum is home to all the unlockables and options. Here you can purchase constellations and view them in the night sky. You can purchase and swap out new vehicles. All the sound tracks and voice samples are avaialable for listening with some being unlockable. New modes and boards like DK’s Jungle Ruins can be purchased here. Records on minigames, Time Attack, and Solo Mode can be viewed here. You can also view the credits of the game.

Click here for a full list of unlockables!


The Extras Mode is home to four different games:

  • Castle Clearout
  • Shell Soccer
  • Goomba Bowling
  • Perspective Mode

While Castle Clearout and Shell Soccer are all new games, Goomba Bowling is an extended version of the original minigame of the same name. Perspective Mode allows players to play 10 different minigames in an all new perspective and view. The minigames in Perspective Mode are:

  1. Tumble Temple
  2. Logger Heads
  3. Ring Leader
  4. Magma Mayhem
  5. Pianta Pool
  6. Piranha Plant
  7. Sky Jinks
  8. Plunder Gorund
  9. Billistics
  10. Mob Sleds