Mario Party 9 Boards – Tips, List, and Unlockables

Our Mario Party 9 boards page features complete images of all boards along with tips and strategies for every board and any unlockables.

Each of the six Mario Party 9 boards are listed below. If you have tips for any of these Mario Party 9 boards, whether it be a lesser known fact or a good strategy, feel free to share your idea in the submission form at the bottom of this page. For minigame tips, click here.

Toad Road
  • For the captain event, remember the first player has a 50/50 chance of getting Mini Stars and could very well get them all on the first try. Let a player in the middle of the ranking roll first, then pick yourself when you’re close enough of the ten Mini Stars!  ~ Spongyoshi
Bob-omb Factory
  • For the Captain Event, second is your safest option as you can get everything if one or two happening spaces are triggered! Third is the riskiest as they have no chance of getting everything as they cannot get the first row of Mini Stars and if two Happening Spaces are triggered, they do not get anything. First & fourth are the most versatile as they can either get nothing or land on a happening in every row and get all of them, although the first spot is at least 100% guaranteed the first Mini Stars so it’s less risky.  ~ Spongyoshi
Boo’s Horror Castle
  • If you exit the Mansion before any Boos, they’ll be stuck inside and you’ll be safe! However, if a Boo gets outside faster than you, it will still be roaming outside the mansion when you exit it.  ~ Spongyoshi
Blooper Beach
Magma Mine
  • At the first voting wheel, vote for right if you get the next turn. Vote for left if your turn is two turns away. Also, try to land on the event space that triggers the lava stream so the next player loses half of their mini stars.  ~ Dude
Bowser Station
DK’s Jungle Ruins
  • For the most bananas from a DK space, jump right when the first banana of the second largest trail of them passes by when rotating.  ~ Spongyoshi

Got advice of your own for a Mario Party 9 board? Submit your tip in the form below and we’ll include it our list if it fits!