Mario Party 9 Boards

Mario Party 9 has a total of seven boards. Each board contains a Bowser Gate, a Boss Castle, Toad Houses, and different boards will have different gimmicks and some exclusive spaces.

  • Toad Road
  • Bob-omb Factory
  • Boo’s Horror Castle
  • Blooper Beach
  • Magma Mine
  • Bowser Station
  • DK’s Jungle Ruins

Toad Road

Toad Road is the simplest and basic board of Mario Party 9. The path features plenty of helpful events and the board is overall easy going. The board features two different islands where players try to earn as many Mini-Stars before reaching the end os the island. There is also a bridge in which players must roll a combination of 16 in order to pass and continue down a path of Mini-Star spaces. Failing to roll 16 or higher will result in taking the Mini-Ztar space path. Players also have a chance to climb the beanstalk into the clouds where a groups of Mini-Stars appear. Players will face Lakitu and Wiggler here in Solo Mode.

Bob-omb Factory

Set in a production factory of Bob-ombs, players follow the path through three separate sections of the map to the reach the end. The first area features Happening spaces that will move a conveyor belt with the vehicle one column to the left. The second area contains Happening spaces that will drop Bob-ombs onto the vehicles. The Bob-ombs will explode after a certain amount of moves, so watch out! Players will face Whomp and Big Bob-omb in Solo Mode.

Boo’s Horror Castle

The steps leading up to Boo’s Horror Castle will be the calmest in the entire board. As you arrive to the front door, the Boo statue will glow its eyes red, and summons all Boos to come out of their paintings whenever the vehicle passes it. The Boos will move 3 spaces every turn, and if you are unlucky enough to run into one, the captain will lose half their Mini-Stars. There is a numbered wall blocking the Bowser Gate at the end. The Captain event of the board features a race with a Scaredy Rat who challenges you to catch up with him before he runs into his rat hole. Players will need to roll the equivalent of the number on the wall or higher to pass through. Players will face Dry Bones and King Boo in Solo Mode.


Blooper Beach

Blooper Beach does not contain separate sections and is all located in one area. Throughout the first half of the board, a Dolphin and a Sushi will occupy spaces around the vehicle. Landing on the space occupied by the Dolphin will grant you five Mini-Stars. Sushi moves four spaces every turn, and if he catches up to the vehicle, the captain loses half their Mini-Stars. The second half of the board features Event Spaces where the Mini-Stars on the board are switched to Mini-Ztars, and vice versa. Players will face Cheep Cheep and Blooper in Solo Mode.


Magma Mine

On the first half of the board, players are simply making their way though the map. As soon as the mid-level boss is defeated, the board truly begins to heat up (pun intended). The magma levels begin to rise, with each turn moving the magma level 2 spaces. Landing on the different Magma spaces will increase the magma level by the number indicated by the space. If the magma reaches the vehicle, the captain will lose half their Mini-Stars. The end of the board is along a railroad and safe from the magma, but it does contain some challenging spaces. Players will face Spike and Chain Chomp in Solo Mode.


Bowser Station

 Bowser Station is Bowser’s last hideout, and the final board in Solo Mode. The board is much shorter in length than the boards before it, and captain events are much more common. The gimmick here is the jackpot in the middle. All across the board, players will find +5 and +8 spaces that will add MiniStars to the jackpot. When  a player lands on the Jackpot space (glowing Lucky Space), they get all the Mini Stars in the jackpot. Players will face Bowser Jr. and Bowser in Solo Mode.


DK’s Jungle Ruins

DK’s Jungle Ruins is the shortest board in the game, and it also changes the rules and dynamic of the normal gameplay. Instead of collecting Mini-Stars and Mini-Ztars, players collect Bananas and Purple Bananas that much more widely available than the former. Instead of traveling to a new area on the board, players will simply take another lap around the board. The board features the DK space that actives the Spin Wheel, flattening the stage and allowing the captain to jump and collect the spinning bananas. Reaching the top of the board will start a barrel shuffle minigame. Instead of facing two bosses, players will face Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong in their own banana collecting minigames.