Mario Party 8 Minigames – 4 Player Minigames

Speedy Grafitti

The players try to trace the shapes on the stones as fast as they can. They have to trace either squares, triangles, or circles. The player or players who have completed the most traced shapes wins the game.

Wii Remote: Hold straight and move the remote around to move the paintbrush

A/B Buttons: Spray

Swing Kings

It’s batting practice for everyone as they swing at the different pitches that Shy Guy throws at them. Shy Guy always changes up the pitch so making the adjustment to the type of pitch is key to winning.

Wii Remote: Hold it like a baseball bat and swing at the ball

Water Ski Spree

A bonus coin minigame as the players water ski off of ramps with coins on them. The Shy Guy in the boat tries to throw spikes at the players to make them miss the ramps. Sometimes they force you to either go left or right with no indication which ramp has a coin on it.

Wii Remote: Hold sideways and move left and right to move water ski


Do you hate Bowser? Don’t you wish you could just repeatedly punch him? Well here’s your chance. The objective of this game is simple: punch the Bowser statue until it breaks. The players must find the sweet spot between quick punches and powerful punches to win the game.

Wii Remote: Hold sideways and hold still as the glove gains power, the make a punching motion when you want to punch the Bowser statue.

Crank to Rank

A short and simple game here as players race to see who can raise the flag to the top of the flagpole outside of Peach’s Castle first.

Wii Remote: Point at screen and circulate clockwise quickly to spin the lever that raises the flag

At the Chomp Wash

Chain Chomp is very dirty, so the players have to clean him up. The first player to clean up their Chain Chomp wins. Quick motions are key to winning.

Wii Remote: Swiftly move up and down to move the sponge

Mosh Pit Playroom

Everyone is put into a square box with 200 balls. Each player has 50 balls to collect of their given color. There is no time limit in this game so it’s a race to see who can collect all 50 of their colored balls first.

Wii Remote: Hold Sideways

2: Jump

Control Pad: Move

Mario Matrix

Flashing panels appear as the players try to click on the most flashing panels to escape from the computer. You’ll need quick reflexes to win as you have to beat your opponents to clicking the panels.

Wii Remote: Point at the screen

A/B: Click to hit panel

Lava or Leave ‘Em

A survival to the finish as the players are trapped on a small isle surrounded by lava. A big poodaboo breaks into smaller poodaboos as the game’s 30 seconds goes on. You cannot hit your opponents but you can jump on them to harass them.

Wii Remote: Hold sideways

Control Pad: Move

2: Jump


It’s a 2 lap race on the circuit as everyone races a kart Mario Kart style. Navigate through the turns and beat and bang karts with your opponent to try to cross the finish line in first.

Wii Remote: Hold sideways and move left/right to steer the kart

2: Accelerate

1: Brakes

Rudder Madness

It’s a race down the muddy stream! Each player rides their rudder down, avoiding rocks along the way to try to cross the line first.

Wii Remote: Hold sideways and steer left/right to move rudder

Sick and Twisted

Everyone tries to outrace the sidescrolling screen as they jump onto spinning platforms to try to reach the end. Bullet Bills also fire from either the top or bottom so players must be aware of when and where they come.

Wii Remote: Hold Sideways

Control Pad: Move

2: Jump

Shake It Up

Everyone has to shake their soda cans in a 5 second span to see who can make the most soda spit out. The key to winning is moving the can up and down as quickly as possible.

Wii Remote: Hold straight and shake up and down quickly

In the Nick of Time

It’s a race around the clock. The objective is to try to match the time shown on the clock in the middle. Players move the hands on the clock to match the time. First player to get 3 matches first wins.

Wii Remote: Move left to move clock hands counterclockwise; move right to move hands clockwise

Scooter Pursuit

It’s a shootout game as the players try to shoot each other. Players ride scooters with cannons on the sides. Hitting someone temporarily stuns them so keep that in mind. Most hits in 30 seconds wins.

Wii Remote: Point at screen and move Up/Down/Left/Right to move Scooter

2: Shoot cannons

Flip the Chimp

Everyone plays a carnival game where you have to move your chimp left and right to avoid the falling balls. First chimp up wins. NOTE: This game has been infamous for having unresponsive controls causing delayed reactions, ultimately making many lose and frustrated.

Wii Remote: Flick left/right to move monkey

Alpine Assault

Everyone hops on their snowboard and races down the slope. They try to avoid snowmen in the way and hit ramps for a boost. First one to cross the line wins.

Wii Remote: Point straight and turn left/right

A/B: Press when on a ramp to do a stunt and get a speed boost

Treacherous Tightrope

The players try to tightrope over a gap in the canyon, and at the same time race each other. Strong gusts of wind threaten to make you fall off so a balance of speed and stability is needed to win this game.

Wii Remote: Hold sideways; Lean left/right to keep balance, lean forward to speed up, and lean backward to slow down