Mario Party 8 Minigames – Tips, List, and Unlockables

Our Mario Party 8 minigames page features complete images of all minigames along with tips and strategies for every minigame and any unlockables.

Each of the 81 Mario Party 8 minigames are listed below. If you have tips for any of these Mario Party 8 minigames, whether it be a lesser known fact or a good strategy, feel free to share your idea in the submission form at the bottom of this page. For board tips, click here.

4-Player Minigames (18)

Speedy Graffiti
  • Since it doesn’t punish you for going off the lines, all you have to do is spray wildly against your slab and they will break giving you a point. It’s much easier to do.  ~ Slyshi
Swing Kings
Water Ski Spree
  • Wait until the glove gets big to punch! No need to go crazy swinging in the air… Don’t wait too long or it deflates again.  ~ Anonymous
Crank to Rank
At the Chomp Wash
Mosh-Pit Playroom
  • Jump on your opponents to slow them down. This will make it harder for them to collect their balls. ~milty1
Mario Matrix
Lava or Leave ‘Em
  • Be aware, the hitboxes of the Lava Bubbles are larger than they seem.  ~ General_JF
Rudder Madness
  • Let an opponent push you to go faster.  ~ Spongyoshi
Sick and Twisted
  • Don’t be too close to the front of the screen since a Bullet Bill will periodically target the player who’s the most on the front!  ~ Spongyoshi
Shake It Up
  • Quick, sudden shakes are far more effective than long, drawn-out shakes.  ~ Gianluca_S
In the Nick of Time
  • Pardon the pun, but it’s all about timing, if you know exactly when the clock hands will reach the desired location, jolting the Wii remote will guarantee the point.  ~ Gianluca_S
Scooter Pursuit
  • Place yourself in one spot and keep shooting at one player. It’s easier to aim if you just turn left and right rather than going forward and backward.  ~ P-Merks
Flip the Chimp
  • Flipping will slow down your chimp, so only flip when it is absolutely necessary.  ~ P-Merks
Alpine Assault
Treacherous Tightrope

1 vs. 3 Minigames (9)

Gun the Runner
Grabbin’ Gold
Power Trip
  • Team: Keep switching between the different corners of the grid.  ~ Dude
Bob-ombs Away
Swervin’ Skies
Picture Perfect
Snow Way Out
Trash ‘n’ Crash
  • Team: Stay pushed up against the top of the screen either one third from the left or from the right. This will make it impossible for any of the solo’s traps to hit you, while also still giving you enough time to react to the walls on the left and right or the Whomp in the center.  ~ P-Merks
Chump Rope
  • Solo: Just go crazy shaking the remote. Chances are it will go too fast for the team or be sporadic enough to throw them off.  ~ P-Merks

2 vs. 2 Minigames (10)

Grabby Gridiron
Bumper Balloons
Rowed to Victory
  • Have one person row as fast as they can for the whole minigame and have the other react to obstacles and adjust their speed to make the turns.  ~ P-Merks
Winner or Dinner
Paint Misbehavin’
Sugar Rush
King of the Thrill
  • In the first round, just kick at the very beginning and you will eject your opponent without problems.  ~ General_JF
Lean, Mean Ravine
Boo-ting Gallery
Crops ‘n’ Robbers

Duel Minigames (27)

Swing Kings
Aim of the Game
  • The highest possible score is 800, achieved by hitting 50-x2-x2-x2-x2 or 50-50-x2-x2-x2.  ~ piguy314159
Bumper Balloons
Paint Misbehavin’
Sugar Rush
Shake It Up
Saucer Swarm
  • Slowly move left and right while constantly shooting. This way you’ll be able to get most of the aliens coming towards you without any hitting you. Don’t go too slow though or some could sneak up on you from the others side.  ~ P-Merks
Attention Grabber
Blazing Lassos
Wing and a Scare
Lob to Rob
Pumper Cars
Cosmic Slalom
Lava Lobbers
Loco Motives
Specter Inspector
  • Every enemy has their own hiding spot but is either randomly placed in the mansion or has a chance of not appearing at all when lit up. The randomly appearing ones are:  ~ Spongyoshi
    • Amp – under the plate cover
    • Flutter – inside the piano
    • Podoboo – inside the fireplace
    • Whomp – on the left curtain of the window
    • Thwomp – on the right curtain of the window
  • The randomly placed ones are:
    • Fly Guy – inside the Shy Guy painting
    • Penguin – inside the small round orange vase with flower motifs
    • Goomba – inside the long white vase with black abstract motifs
    • Red Boo – inside the Building painting
    • Koopa – covered by a sheet to the left on a brown pedestal
    • Piranha Plant – covered by a sheet to the right on a white pedestal).
Frozen Assets
Breakneck Building
Surf’s Way Up
Balancing Act
  • While the game acts as they’re many obstacles to avoid, you can easily dodge them all by rolling at max speed!  ~ Spongyoshi
Ion the Prize
You’re the Bob-omb
Rotation Station
Settle it in Court
Flip the Chimp

Battle Minigames (5)

Aim of the Game
Cut from the Team
Snipe for the Picking
Saucer Swarm
  • Make sure to keep track of how close other UFOs get to your gun station, getting shocked will cost you big time!  ~ O w e n
Glacial Meltdown
  • There is no timer, so you have to play aggressive! Nobody wants the game to go on for more than three  minutes.  ~ P-Merks

Challenge Minigames (3)

Pour to Score
Fruit Picker

Last Minigames (1)

Superstar Showdown

Extras Minigames (8)

Star Carnival Bowling
  • Just go play Wii Sports.  ~ Gianluca_S
Trail by Tile
Flagging Rights
Canyon Cruisers
Table Menace
Puzzle Pillars
Chomping Frenzy
Moped Mayhem

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