Mario Party 7 Minigames – Tips, List, and Unlockables

Our Mario Party 7 minigames page features complete images of all minigames along with tips and strategies for every minigame and any unlockables.

Each of the 88 Mario Party 7 minigames are listed below. If you have tips for any of these Mario Party 7 minigames, whether it be a lesser known fact or a good strategy, feel free to share your idea in the submission form at the bottom of this page. For board tips, click here.

4-Player Minigames (13)

Catchy Tunes
  • Walking across the pictures of the notes on the ground will cause more of those specific notes to spawn! So if you only have one note left, keeping running over that note on the ground to make more of them appear.  ~ P-Merks
Bubble Brawl
  • If you’re playing against Brutal computers, aim your joystick to the outer side of the bubble and wait for your opponents to hit each other as they’ll aim for the closest opponent. Stay behind the leader to hit them from behind when they finish off the last opponent for a sneaky win!  ~ Spongyoshi
  • Wait for your character to fully be turned around to the direction you want to punch before attacking to be more efficient.  ~ Spongyoshi
Track & Yield
  • Only towards the end of the minigame, jump over a hurdle and back up a little bit before jumping. This technique allows you to chain the hurdles without being too close to one another.  ~ General_JF
  • Move as little as possible, being on the back of the conveyors not only means more reaction time, but also more free space for your jumps!  ~ Spongyoshi
Fun Run
  • Stay close to the left side of the screen to move faster!  ~ Spongyoshi
  • In the outside portion, if you stand on the far right edge (almost falling off), you can keep running straight without having to wait for the wall springs to deploy. You don’t have to jump and they won’t be able to hit you off.  ~ P-Merks
Snow Ride
  • You want to be turning as little as possible to maintain your speed. Stay near the center and make slight adjustments back and forth to go through the gates. The warp pipes appear in the same spot each time, so keep their positions in mind so you don’t crash into them.  ~ P-Merks
Picture This
Ghost in the Hall
Big Dripper
  • If the rumbling is getting fast and you have to duck, try and position yourself on one of the honey spots before you duck since you can still catch honey drops even while you’re ducking.  ~ P-Merks
Target Tag
  • Try to stay away from opponents since the targets are spread out everywhere on the screen.  ~ Spongyoshi
  • If two people hit a target at the same time, whoever is closer to the center of the target will get the points.  ~ P-Merks
Pokey Pummel
Take Me Ohm
  • It can sometimes be easier and safer to wait for two beams be close together and jump them both with one jump, rather than jumping over them both separately.  ~ P-Merks
Kart Wheeled
  • Take turns as close from the wall as you can to cut them short, use the straight paths before each turn to move from one side to the next perpendicularly.  ~ Spongyoshi
  • Be careful to not be too close to your opponents as your wheels can easily get stuck with someone else’s. Alternatively, you can also use this knowledge to sabotage another player.  ~ Spongyoshi

4-Player Mic Minigames (5)

Balloon Busters
Clock Watchers
Dart Attack
  • This one can be difficult to time with the microphone latency, so I usually find better luck to just constantly talk into the mic/mash.  ~ P-Merks
Oil Crisis 
  • You have all the time in the world to prepare your mind with the locations of the numbers before your turn.
  • If using a GameCube controller, it is very easy to select the wrong number that you want on the list.
  • Try to keep the numbers 1, 2, and 9 as your highest priority numbers since they are the easiest to select!

1 vs. 3 Minigames (9)

La Bomba
  • Solo: Don’t pay attention to the players below you. Always prioritize hitting as many of the red containers as you can. If there are no reds, go for greens.  ~ P-Merks
  • Team: Avoid the corners! As soon as the bombs start flashing red you can no longer push them out of your way.  ~ P-Merks
  • Bob-ombs can also surround the opponent as they have solid hitboxes, beware to not be trapped in a corner by multiple Bob-ombs with no chance to escape.  ~ Spongyoshi
Spray Anything
  • Solo: Your balloons will tilt left and right while moving. Take that into consideration while dodging or aiming.  ~ Spongyoshi
Spinner Cell
  • Make the yellow spinner bounce on walls to have it rack up speed faster.  ~ Spongyoshi
Think Tank
  • Solo: Your lamp runs through the Shy Guys statues, so threatening the team to make them stick to the statues is a good strategy.  ~ General_JF
  • Team: The one’s flashlight doesn’t go across the water under the bridges. You should choose one of the shorter bridges on the sides and just always stay on the opposite side of the one. Keep going in circles if you have to.  ~ P-Merks
Coin-op Bop
Easy Pickings
  • Don’t swing your pickaxe too early, you need to be in direct contact with a rock AND aim at its center to successfully hit it!  ~ Spongyoshi

1 vs. 3 Mic Minigames (5)

Wheel of Woe
  • If you’re using GameCube Controller as the solo player, you can very easily spam commands and fill the game with a lot of junk for the team of 3 to avoid.  ~ Nintega94
Boxing Day
Be My Chum!
  • Solo: You can use Cheep Cheep and Bloopers whenever you want and you can use Sushi and Lakitu again once they are off the screen.  ~ General_JF
  • Keep the mushroom down for the majority of the time. When there is a big cluster of bullet bills above the three opponents’ heads, raise it.
Number Crunchers

2 vs. 2 Minigames (12)

  • I find it easier to choose a direction before the game starts that we will both always go if we reach a point where it isn’t obvious if we should turn left or right. This will avoid a lot of crashing and confusion during the minigame itself.  ~ P-Merks
Tile and Error
  • You can even hit three panels at once by positioning yourself completely in the center of four panels, the one you’re the most far away with will be the one that won’t be hit.  ~ Spongyoshi
Battery Ram
Cardinal Rule
Bumper Crop
Hop-O-Matic 4000
  • The person on the left always has the first press.  ~ Timmy
  • The four buttons always repeat (in different order), so you can press the fourth button ahead of time once you figure out the cycle!  ~ Timmy
Wingin’ It
Sphere Factor
  • If you and your team push the ball into the corner of a wall or a Whomp, you can make your ball boost forward with a lot of extra speed.  ~ P-Merks
Herbicidal Maniac
Pyramid Scheme
World Piece
Spider Stomp
  • Your cooldown on your shots gets refreshed when your bullet connects. Try to approach the spiders to finish them faster.  ~ Spongyoshi

Battle Minigames (6)

Monty’s Revenge
Deck Hands
Air Farce
  • The less you touch the joystick, the better. At the beginning, quickly go down (but don’t fully nosedive) until you reach about half the total height from the start platform to the water and then try to just stay parallel to the water for the remainder of your flight.  ~ P-Merks
The Final Countdown

Duel Minigames (12)

Warp Pipe Dreams
Weight for It
Mad Props
  • It might be obvious to some people but you need to hold the triggers, not mash them. It took me longer than I would like to admit it to figure this out.  ~ Spongyoshi
Gimme a Sign
  • Shy Guy will often raise signs corresponding to which log you’re currently standing on.  ~ Spongyoshi
  • Stay near the middle so you have a better chance at jumping to safety when Shy Guy lifts the sign. As you get near the last 10 seconds you should be jumping as soon as he lifts a sign and moving to a safe platform while in the air since the platforms fall very quickly near the end.  ~ P-Merks
Bridge Work
Spin Doctor
  • Red spinners will only spin toward three directions while blue spinners will spin toward all four.  ~ Spongyoshi
Hip Hop Drop
Royal Rumpus
Light Speed
  • Go behind your opponent and follow their every move for a guaranteed victory!  ~ Spongyoshi
Apes of Wrath
  • A new Ukiki appears every 11 seconds.  ~ General_JF
Fish & Cheeps
Camp Ukiki

DK Minigames (6)

Peel Out
Bananas Faster
  • Jump as soon as a banana or banana bunch lines up with the second barrel clockwise from you.   ~ piguy314159
Stump Change
  • The fourth player (and player moving last in the board) ALWAYS gets the bunch in the center if multiple players go for it. If you are P1-P3, don’t go for the bunch!  ~ Timmy
Jump, Man
Vine Country
A Bridge Too Short
  • Just follow Donkey Kong the whole time, but make sure you’re always a little bit ahead of him!  ~ Fija

Bowser Minigames (7)

Funstacle Course!
  • If you’re trying to sabotage any specific players, the best time to jump on other people’s heads are at the platforms that move up and down and when the spiked cylinders start coming. These are the hardest places for someone to recover from being stunned.  ~ P-Merks
Magmagical Journey!
  • Try to stay in the middle of the screen, as there is an easy-to-hit invisible wall that prevents you from getting too far ahead.  ~ JaxInvasion
Tunnel of Lava!
Treasure Dome!
Bowser’s Lovely Lift!

Rare Minigames (2)

Ice Moves
Stick and Spin
  • When the bubbles or the black/white balls appear, try to slow down your pace to make sure you are precisely placing the balls.  ~ Anonymous
  • If any ball has a number, try to speedily clear it as fast as possible with an onslaught of balls.  ~ Anonymous
  • When bubbles with the number 4 or higher appear in single player mode and you are close to finishing a series of 5 levels, it is often best to set them aside in a junk pile.  ~ Anonymous

8-Player Minigames (12)

Real Smoothie
Grin and Bar It
Hammer Spammer
Gimme a Brake
  • For this example, “the triangles” mean the final row of triangles before the edge, and “dash” means the dashed lines on the road. If it’s sunny, brake at the end of the third dash after the triangles. If it’s rainy, brake at the start of the second dash after the triangles. If it’s snowy, brake just before you touch the triangles.  ~ piguy314159
Bumper to Bumper
Spin Off
Rope a Dope
Duct & Cover
Bob-ombic Plague
  • Except for the last round and playing against CPUs, keep the bomb until it turns red and then send it to the next person.  ~ General_JF
Unhappy Trails
Shock Absorbers

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