Mario Party 7 Boards

Mario Party 7 has six boards in all, 1 being unlockable. Each board has a different objective, and each board has a different Bowser Time event. There are Orb Shops and Toadsworth hosts the boards.

Grand Canal

The classic Mario Party objective of buying the star for 20 coins in the waterways of this grand canal. There is a giant Blooper at the top and players walk over rooftops and bridges. A few Happening Spaces include riding a boat for coins and playing a guessing game with Blooper.

Pagoda Peak

Climb to the top of the mountain to the Master Koopa who will sell you the star for 10 coins, but the next star will be an extra 10 making it 20 coins and so on, up to 40 coins, and then it reverts back to 10 coins. This board features waterfalls and ladders, and even a flaming dragon statue. Some Happenings include collecting coins in the waterfall and using rockets to blast you further up the board.

Pyramid Park

Ride Chain Chomps to steal stars from other players who all start with 5 stars each. The board features sand and dunes along with quicksand. Happening Spaces include swimming for coins in an oasis and sinking in the quicksand.

Neon Heights

Three treasure chests are scattered about the board and it’s the players’ job to find which holds the star by paying 10 coins to open one. The board features tall buildings, a movie set, and a baseball park. Some Happenings include playing a roullete game and launching a rocket for coins and stars.


Buying windmills will earn you stars for this board. The player with the most coins invested in a certain windmill will get the number of stars that windmill holds. The board features giant flowers, hills, and grass. Happening Spaces include bouncing for coins and playing a farm animal game.

Bowser’s Enchanted Inferno!

Collect a star for 20 coins as you would normally but watch out because Bowser might sink one of the four islands surrounded by lava! This board is entirely surrounded by lava and has machines like the Mecha-Bowser and a roller coaster. A few Happening Spaces include a fight with Koopa Kid and being blown out a cannon.