Mario Party 7

Mario Party 7 released with six world based boards, character specific orbs, an eight player mode, and the return of the Nintendo GameCube microphone.

Each of Mario Party 7’s six boards are based on real world locations and just like its predecessor, each board has a unique objective that mixes up the classic star collecting formula. Playable characters, including the newly introduced Dry Bones and Birdo, are partnered up and each duo gets a cool exclusive orb that only they can obtain and use. The microphone returns and plays a bigger role overall, including getting its own space in the main Mario Party 7 mode. There’s also the neat eight player minigames where two players can share a single controller.

Hit either of the two links below for Mario Party 7 board and minigame lists, along with tips and advice for each. Got a tip of your own? Make sure to submit any helpful advice with the submission form at the bottom of each tip page!

Board Tips  |  Minigame Tips

Release Dates

North America
Japan Europe Australia
Monday, November 7, 2005 Thursday, November 10, 2004 Friday, February 10, 2006 Thursday, June 8, 2006

Playable Characters

Mario Party 6 has a total of twelve playable characters and each character is partnered up with another. Koopa Kid got the boot!

Mario Luigi Peach Yoshi
Wario Daisy Waluigi Toad
Boo Toadette Birdo* Dry Bones*

*These characters are playable for the first time and unlockable.

6 Boards

Grand Canal Pagoda Peak Pyramid Park
Neon Heights Windmillville Bowser’s Enchanted Inferno!*

*This board is unlockable!

88 Mini-Games

4-Player (13) 4-Player – Mic (5) 1 vs 3 (9)
1 vs 3 – Mic (5) 2 vs 2 Battle (5)
Duel (12) DK (6) Bowser (7)
Rare (2) 8-Player (12)

6 Modes

Party Cruise Solo Cruise Deluxe Cruise
Minigame Cruise Duty-Free Shop Control Room


Self Orbs
Mushroom Orb 5 coins Adds a second dice block to your roll.
Super ‘Shroom Orb 20 coins Adds two additional dice blocks to your roll.
Slow ‘Shroom Orb 15 coins Slow the dice block and select the number you want. Make sure to jump one number before the number you want.
Metal Mushroom Orb 10 coins Pass through any roadblock orb traps without getting affected.
Flutter Orb 30 coins Warps you to the star. You still have to purchase the star yourself!
Cannon Orb 20 coins Sends you to a higher space on the board. Pagoda Peak only.
Lakitu Orb Brings a treasure chest to you. Neon Heights only.
Snack Orb Protects you from a single Chain Chomp attack. Pyramid Park only.
Thrown Orbs
Hammer Bro Orb 10 coins Lose 10 coins and give it to the owner of the space.
Piranha Plant Orb 15 coins Steal half the coins of the opponent who lands on it.
Spear Guy Orb 10 coins Roll a dice block and lose the amount you roll.
Kamek Orb Take over up to three already placed orbs from the player who lands on the space.
Toady Orb Steal an orb from the player who lands on the space.
Mr. Blizzard Orb Player who lands on the space loses all their orbs.
Bandit Orb Bandit appears and steals your coins currently invested at a randomly chosen windmill. Only in Windmillville.
Pink Boo Orb 30 coins Lose a star and give it to the owner of the space. No star? 20 coins it is.
Roadblock Orbs
Spiny Orb 10 coins Pass it and lose 10 coins.
Zap Orb 10 coins For every space after passing this roadblock, lose 3 coins.
Tweester Orb 15 coins Pass by and get thrown to a random space.
Thwomp Orb Immediately stop your roll and turn on the space the roadblock is on.
Warp Pipe Orb 10 coins Pass it to return to your original start location for the current turn.
Bob-omb Orb This will throw you off your current space and to a lower spot on the board. Pagoda Peak only.
Character Orbs
Fireball Orb 15 coins Steal 10 coins from anyone you pass. Lasts for three turns. Mario and Luigi only.
Flower Orb 15 coins Gain three coins for every space you pass. Peach and Daisy only.
Egg Orb 15 coins Eat up and remove any character space you pass. At the end of your turn, you’ll be able to keep any of the orbs you swallowed up. Yoshi and Birdo only.
Vacuum Orb 15 coins After spinning a roulette wheel to determine the coin amount, steal coins from all three opponents. Wario and Waluigi only.
Magic Orb 15 coins After rolling your dice block, the number will instantly double. You’ll also become immune to roadblock orbs. Lasts two turns. Boo and Dry Bones.
Triple ‘Shroom Orb 15 coins For three turns, add an extra dice block to your roll. Toad and Toadette only.
Miscellaneous Orb
Koopa Kid Orb Not in Shop Starts a Koopa Kid event. If you happen to collect this orb, it will automatically be thrown onto a space.


Blue Space Gain 3 coins.
Red Space Lose 3 coins.
Happening Space Activates event. Depends on board and placement.
Mic Space Wager coins and double them if you complete the fruit memorizing minigame. Can be disabled.
Duel Space Activates a duel. Wager coins or a star.
DK Space Starts Donkey Kong event.
Bowser Space Starts Donkey Kong event.