Mario Party 6 Boards

Mario Party 6 has six boards in all, 1 being unlockable. Each board has a different objective, and every 3 turns the board will turn into day and later back to night. Brighton hosts the board in the day, while Twila hosts at night.

Towering Treetop

Climb a giant tree that changes during the day and night in search of the star that you must purchase for 20 coins. During the day, certain flowers bloom while others close and the Pink Boo comes out only at night. Some happenings include being stung by bees and causing the giant tree to sneeze.

E. Gadd’s Garage

E. Gadd has opened his garage to Mario Party and has stars put across the board that must be purchased for 20 coins. When Day turns to night, the main intersection is switched around creating new routes and ways. A few Happenings include using a giant fan to suck in others coins and exchanging orbs for coins.

Faire Square

The main square of the board is where you get your stars and you are able to buy up to 5 stars with prices depending on the time of day. At night, prizes changes and games are switched and the price of the star is determined by a dice roll while in the day the price stands at 20 coins. Happenings include being swept to another part of the board by a broom and betting on which plant will grow the highest.

Snowflake Lake

A winter wonderland covered in snow in which everyone starts out with 5 stars. Using Chain Chomps, players can steal stars by riding over them. At night, Freezys block the pathways to the inside of the board where the frozen lake is, the only place safe from the Chain Chomps. A few Happenings include ice skating for coins and giant snowballs.

Castaway Bay

An island featuring a dock, beach, rocky area, beach, and even a waterfall. The objective is to reach the end where either the DK Boat or the Bowser Boat waits. Getting to the DK Boat will give you the opportunity to buy a star for 20 coins while Bowser will give you a Ztar which will take away a star. After someone gets to one of the boats, they switch places. Some happenings include playing a coin game with Ukiki and switching the places of the boats.

Clockwork Castle

This unloackable board has two new players on the board. DK in the day and Bowser at night. Catch up to DK during the day to get the opportunity to buy a star for 20 coins from hin, but at night, the direction of the board is reversed and DK is replaced with Bowser who will give you a Ztar if he catches you. Happenings of this board include fishing for orbs and changing the day to night.