Mario Party 5 Boards

Mario Party 5 has 7 boards in all, 1 being unlockable, and each is hosted by Eldstar. The objective of each board is to buy stars for 20 coins from the random star spots that they are placed in.

Toy Dream

This Dream is full of toys and fun with trains and soldiers. Landing on a ? Space at the top will give you a ride on the train for collecting coins. Other Happening spaces include collapsing a set of blocks and having a Jack-in-the-Box pop out.

Rainbow Dream

There are 4 different parts of this board; machine, water, sunny, and snowy. To get from one part of the board to another, players must get to the Rainbow space where a rainbow will appear and create a pathway to the next part. A few Happening Spaces include riding the leaf gondola and sliding down rainbows collecting coins.

Pirate Dream

This board takes place in an underground cavern with waterfalls and pirate ships. There is a Thwomp and a Whomp that block certain pathways. Landing on Happenings spaces here will activate a giant boulder and digging for coins with Monty Mole.

Undersea Dream

A board that takes place completely underwater. The board has a sunken ship, clams and seashells, and has a lot of Cheep Cheeps. Landing on Happening Spaces here will have dolphins move you to another part of the board and earning capsules from Cheep Cheeps.

Future Dream

Space is the setting for this board. Move from one space station of the board to another by teleporting through the many transporters. Landing on Happening spaces will activate a slot machine game for capsules and moving to another space station for a fee of 10 coins.

Sweet Dream

A board made of cake, candy and sweets. Landing on certain ? Spaces will have your space moved to another part of the board. Other Happening Spaces include throwing candy into cups for coins and giving away capsules, coins, or stars to other players.

Bowser Nightmare

Bowser rules this unlockable board surrounded by lava. When landing on ? Space, he will do things like forcing you to play luck mini-games such as hitting random blocks to determine your fate. Other Happening Spaces include being burnt by Bowser’s flamethrower and moving players to a separate part of the board.