Mario Party 4 Modes


Mario Party 4 features six modes: Party Mode, Story Mode, Mini-Game Mode, Option Room, Present Room, and the Extra Room.

Party Mode


Party Mode begins by asking how many players/computers will be playing this time. You can then pick 4 of the 8 playable characters and choose their difficulty. Now you have the option of picking one of the six boards (one must be unlocked). After this, you have the option of creating teams, setting the number of turns (10-50, multiples of 5), picking mini-game types (All, Easy, or Custom), turning Bonus on or off, and using the handicap feature. As soon as the options are set, the game will begin.

Story Mode



Going through Story mode will have you play each board in the game for a chance to win a present from each host. What happens when Bowser gets in on the party? Find out by hitting the link below!

Mini-Game Mode


You have 4 options to choose from: Play, List, Custom, and Records.

The List opiton lists all the mini-games currently unlocked and the Custom option lets you create a custom list of mini-games that can be used to play with during Party Mode. The Records option lists the current high scores for various mini-games.


The Play option has four options of its own, of which are Free Play, a simple mode that lets you replay any mini-game in the game; Team Play, allowing you to fight for a prize with teams; Battle Play, enganging you in a tournament against your opponents; and Tic-Tac-Toe Mode, a fun mode that has you playing Tic-Tac-Toe by winning 2-Vs.-2 mini-games.

Option Room


The Option Room allows you to set the various options and settings in the game. Here, you can change the Sound settings along with the Rumble settings. There is also a feature that allows you to listen to Music tracks from the game and various character sounds. There is also an option to view records of board play and mini-games.

Extra Room

Join Thwomp and Whomp in the Extra Room for even more mini-game madness. Thwomp hosts his Backroom Ball with two game boards that put a twist on the Mario Party formula. Whomp hosts his Basement Brouhaha where six of single-player mini-games are available.

Thwomp’s Backroom Ball

  • Mega Board Mayhem
  • Mini Board Mad-Dash
  • Challenge Booksquirm
  • Panel Panic

Whomp’s Brouhaha Basement

  • Jigsaw Jitters
  • Barrel Baron
  • Mushroom Medic
  • Doors of Doom
  • Bob-omb X-ing
  • Goomba Stomp

Ztar will show up when you unlock Challenge Booksquirm, Panel Panic, Jigsaw Jitters, and Goomba Stomp in the Extra Room. Ztar hosts the mini-game Beach Folley Volley, a beach volley ball mini-game.