Mario Party 4 Story Mini-Games

Bowser Bop

The first of the Story Mode mini-games, Toad challenges you to a game of Bowser Bop, a game where the players run around a room bopping any Koopa Kids they see. Cabinets, wardrobes, clocks and even televisions are all plausible locations for these Koopa Kids to appear. A Bowser head is worth two points.

Control Stick: Move

A: Bop with Hammer

 Mystic Match “Em


Boo’s haunted Story Mode mini-game has you playing cards to find three that match. Swap cards in and out to find a perfect match. Picking a Boo card will scatter all the cards.

Control Stick: Select Card

A: Pick Card



In Shy Guy’s Story Mode mini-game, one of the spinning shapes is unlike the others. Find the odd one out, three different times, to win. If you guess incorrectly, the shape will flatten your character making you temporarily unable to move. Over time, the spinning shapes will slow down, making it easier to tell the difference.

Control Stick: Move

A: Press the Switch

Goomba’s Chip Flip

Goomba brings out the chips in his Story Mode mini-game. Players take turns picking one of the chips scattered across the floor. Each chip has a different value, and some might even take points away from you. The first player to get 50 points, wins.

Control Stick: Move

A+A: Pick a Chip

 Kareening Koopas


In Koopa’s Story Mode mini-game, players tilt their panels to get the Koopa Shells into the open holes. Make your way through three rounds to win! The trees serve as obstacles.

Control Stick: Tilt Panel

The Final Battle!

In the final game of the Story Mode, Bowser challenges you to a series of obstacles and puzzles, all on his hectic, lava infested cube. With only 10 hearts for life, the player must make it through five different sides of the cube. The first side requires the player to jump from platform to platform while avoiding jets of fire. The second side has the player solving a puzzle while avoiding the obstacles the Koopa Kids throw at you.


The third and fourth side of the cube feature more advanced versions of the previous platforming and puzzle sides, respectively.


The fifth and final side features Bowser himself. Challenging you to his game, the player must activate three switches that will zap Bowser with lightning if the player is able to keep him in the field of electricity. Bowser will fight back by charging at the player and shooting fireballs. After five successful shocks, Bowser will be defeated and the challenge will be complete.


Control Stick: Move

A: Jump

A+A: Ground Pound