Mario Party 4 Bowser Mini-Games

Darts of Doom

Each player has three darts to throw onto a spinning board. The cursors will move themselves and timing is needed to hit the exact spots you want. Each part of the board is worth a different amount of points. The player with the least amount of points in the end, or get a bulls-eye, gets fried.

A: Throw Darts

Fruits of Doom

Bowser will ask the player to bring him various kinds of fruit. He will show of a long list of all the fruit he wants for a mere second. If the player does not get the right fruit, or bring in more than Bowser asked for, they will be toast.

Control Stick: Move

A: Select Fruit

 Balloon of Doom

 Each player takes turns ground pounding air into Bowser’s big balloon. Whichever player pops the ballon on their turn gets to feel the flames.

A+A: Ground Pound

 Bowser Wrestling


Wrestle your opponent to knock them off the edge. Each player will have a chance to attack and push forward, and the chance to shove in defense. Make sure to watch your stanima meter! A Golden Mushrrom will occasionally fall and grant the player that collects it invulnerability for a few seconds. This mini-game is originally found on the Bowser’s Gnarly Party board where the player would wrestle none other than Bowser himself.

A: Shove

L+R (Alternate): Advance

Panels of Doom


Both players select a panel to stand on for the remainder of the game. Each player will take turns rolling the dice, destroying the panel that corresponds with the number from the dice block. The player that falls through their panel, loses. It is possible to get your opponent’s character icon instead of a number from the dice block, automatically winning the game. However, you might get your own icon, so be careful.

Control Stick: Move

A: Chose Panel/Hit Dice Block