Mario Party 4 – Battle Mini-Games

Trace Race

Use the giant crayon to trace the pre-drawn line to the best of your ability. You will be judged on accuracy by points. 100 is the limit and if none of the players reach 30 points, the game will end in a tie.

Control Stick: Move

Chain Chomp Fever


Run around the arena surrounded by lava as you avoid getting hit by an aggravated Chain Chomp. Watch out for the cracks in the floor as they spew out lava randomly.

Control Stick: Move

Paths of Peril


Travel the narrow path to make it to the end. Falling off the edge will cause you to lose precious time.

Control Stick: Move

Bowser’s Bigger Blast

A remake of Mario Party 2’s BOWSER’s Big Blast, a row of switches are set in a row, and players take turns pressing a single switch, hoping that the giant Bowser bomb is not set off.


Control Stick: Move

R: Press the Switch

Butterfly Blitz


Collect as many butterflies in your net as possible. Blue butterflies are worth three points, red are worth two points, and yellow ones are worth a single point.

Control Stick: Move

A: Swipe Upwards

B: Swipe Sideways

Rumble Fishing

Patiently wait as the Cheep Cheep nibble at your line. As soon as you feel the jolt of a rumble (or the “!!” above your character if you have the rumble feature turned off), reel in your line to win the mini-game.

A: Reel In