Mario Party 4 – 4-Player Mini-Games

Manta Rings


Swim through the rings to rack up points. Rings are worth 1 point each while gold rings that the manta rays leave behind are worth 3. Watch out for the sharks and eels, hitting them will cause you to lose a point.

Control Stick: Move

A: Repeatedly to Move Forward

Slime Time


Force your way off the slime and be the first to the center of the stage! If you slow down, the force will pull you back to the slime.

A: Run (Repeatedly)


Watch as each page falls and make it into the holes to avoid being squashed. Make sure to position yourself correctly and don’t let others push you out. The last player standing wins.

Control Stick: Move

Mario Medley


Head to the pool for a Mario-styled competition! The race to the finish includes a breaststroke, a backstroke, and a crawl through the pool. Keep a fair speed or you will tire out and slow down.

A + B: (Simultaneously) Breaststroke

L then R: (Alternately) Backstroke

A then B: (Alternately) Crawl


Zip through the mountain passageway to get to the bottom. Avoid obstacles and use ramps to boost your speed as you ski away from the incoming avalanche. Slowing down too much can let the avalanche catch up.

Control Stick: Move

A: Use Poles



Hit the switch as many times as possible before the time runs out! The number of hits made determines the number of Whomps that will fall over. The player that knocks over the most Whomps wins.

Control Stick: Move

A: Hit the Switch

Paratrooper Plunge

Collect coins as you float down to the island below. Watch out for enemies as they move around the screen. Getting hit four times will take you out of the game. Money bags are woth 5 coins and everyone wins coins in this Bonus mini-game.

Control Stick: Move

Toad’s Quick Draw


Pop the ballon with the same color of the flag that Toad holds up. The first player to rack up three points wins.

Control Stick: Move Cross-hair

A: Fire

Three Throw

Try to make as many baskets as you can before the time runs out. The baskets move and once a shot is made, the ball stays in the basket, making it unusable. The bottom and top row is worth one point while the middle row is worth two points.

A: Jump

B: Shoot

Photo Finish


Be the first player to finish the picture puzzle. The background image is moving, making it easier or harder at different times. Some puzzle pieces will need to be turned.

Control Stick: Move Puzzle Piece

A: Pick Puzzle Piece

L/R: Rotate Puzzle Piece

Mr. Blizzard’s Brigade


Run on the frozen pond while avoiding the Mr. Blizzards as they throw freezing snowballs. If you get hit by a snowball, you will freeze. The last player standing wins.

Control Stick: Move

Bob-omb Breakers

Connect three of the same parts to score points. You get more points as you make more combos. Surrounding a Bob-omb will cause it to explode and helps get combos. You can also place your blocks in an opponent’s column.

Control Stick: Move Blocks

A: Rotate Clockwise

B: Rotate Counter Clockwise

X/Y: Flip Over

Long Claw of the Law

Watch as each door opens and grab the character who’s “Wanted!” poster is on the wall. Gather three of these characters to win the game.

L: Rotate Left

R: Rotate Right

Control Stick: Move Up and Down

A: Grab Character

Stamp Out!

Hop around the notebook and try to stamp as much as you can. The player that has the grea percentage of stamps wins. If every player gets less than 5%, it’s a tie. Holding down the jump button will allow you to jump farther.

Control Stick: Change Direction

A: Jump

Mario Speedwagons

Hit the gas when the light turns green! Change gears as you speed down the raceway. The first player to the end wins. Hitting the gas before the light turns turns green can give you a good start, but overdoing it can cause you to ruin your start.

R: Accelerate

A: Change Gears (when your meter starts blinking)

Take a Breather

How long can you hold your breath? Take a deep breath an inhale as much air as you can. The player that can stay underwater the longest wins!

L and R: Inhale