Mario Party 4 Boards

Mario Party 4 has 6 boards in all, 1 being unlockable, and each has the same objective: Collect 20 coins and purchase stars from the random spots that they are placed in. Each board is hosted by its own special host unlike other Mario Party games in which they are all hosted by the same host.

Toad’s Midway Madness


This basic Mario Party board is based on an amusement park run by Toads. There is a rollercoaster and all different sorts of attractions including a merry-go-round for items and a rocket ride for coins. A few other happenings include riding the roller coaster and being chased by it too.


Goomba’s Greedy Gala


Goomba runs this luck-filled board. A giant spin wheel is present along with shuffleboards with coins. Other attractions include dueling Goomba in dice rolling for coins and roulette rolling.


Boo’s Haunted Bash

Creeping with Boos and different hauntings, this board is as mysterious as it looks. Pink Boos control many of the pathways here and the Mystery Train has you riding coffins across the board. A Big Boo also lurks around and there is a piano minigame for items too.


Shy Guy’s Jungle Jam

Set in an ancient time, Shy Guy guides players through his jungle adventure. A river flows through the center of the board and can either be calm or raging. Klepto the bird can fly you across the board and there is also a Mecha Fly Guy minigame.


Koopa’s Seaside Soiree

A seaside oasis runs by Koopa Troopa and his pals. Build the great hotel by paying a fee of 5 coins each time you pass the Koopa Troopa Space. The moment someone lands on a Happening Space near the hotel, a wave knocks it down to pieces. There is also a dolphin that helps you get across the board and an Ukiki that splits the path.


Bowser’s Gnarly Party

Koopa Kid hosts this board along with Bowser who has his own spot on the board itself. The board is surrounded by lava and has an extra START. There are also fire cannons and crumbling bridges. *This board must be unlocked through Story Mode!*