Mario Party 3 Duel Mode

Duel Mode introduces a new game mode to the Mario Party Series that has two players duking it out with partners. Players move around a board, much like the Battle Royale boards, trying to catch up with the other player and have their partner attack their opponent. Each player has 5 pieces of heart that serve as a life meter. Each partner has different stats in attack power and defense health along with a salary that must be paid every turn. Duel Maps do not feature a mini-game after every turn but they do feature a spot on the map that will start a mini-game once passed 5 times. The game is over once one of the players loses all of their heart pieces or the limit of turns are up. There are no items in Duel Map boards.


Gate Guy

This is your average Duel Board with a small twist. The center path can only be accessed by going through either the northern or southern gates for a fee of 5 coins. This part of the board is interesting because players can run into the other player going the opposite direction. The Bellhop can be found in the very center of the board.


Another simple board that features a main path around the entire board along with a center path that can be accessed from one of the two crossroads. The Arrowheads stationed at each intersection give you the option of continuing the path or taking a shortcut to the center of the board. Bellhop can be found on the center path.


This board consist of a single path that makes it all around the entire board. At each corner is a colored pipe that gives you the option of moving to another pipe. The outcome pipe is chosen by random and this can benefit either players in many ways. Bellhop is situated at the bottom of the board.


Another simple board with a main outer path along with four paths leading to the very center that features the Blowhard. When a player passes the Blowhard, he/she will have their partners positions switched. Bellhop is located right next to the Blowhard.

Mr. Mover

This board features a moving track at the bottom of the board that decides which way the player will move. The bottom of the board contains two separate paths that unite at the top and moves back down to the moving track. There is also a small separate path that contains a few spaces before rejoining the main path on both sides of the board. Bellhop can be found on the center path.


This unlockable board contains a single path that is shaped in the form of a star. The twist here is that the board features Reverse spaces that when landed on will reverse the direction of the entire board. Bellhop is located at the bottom of the board.


Image Name Player Attack Stamina Salary Notes
Koopa Troopa Mario 1 2 -1 N/A
Goomba Luigi 2 1 -2
Toad Peach 1 1 -1 Coins are not taken when landing on an opponent’s space.
Bob-omb Wario 1 1 -3 Only attacks once; will jump over opponent’s partner.