Mario Party 3 Modes

Mario Party 3 has five main modes to choose from: Party Mode, Story Mode, Mini-Game Mode, Duel Mode and the Castle.


Mario Party 3 is the first Mario Party to feature 3 game files for separate games. When you choose your file, you have the option to go to Story Mode or Party Mode. The remaining modes are in Party Mode.

Story Mode

Mario Party 3 introduced the first Story Mode with movies and an actual story. In Story Mode, you play through each of the party and duel boards, before fighting in a boss battle at the end. For the full details along with the story, head over to this link:

Party Mode


In Party Mode, you will be brought to the main screen where you can choose 3 different colored stars that each lead to a separate mode. You can also go to the castle.

Selecting the blue star takes you to Party Mode, where all the Party Boards are played. You have the option of choosing the number of human players, and selecting 4 of the 8 playable characters. You also choose one of the six boards (1 unlockable), and set the number of turns to 20, 35, 50, or ? (? will let you choose a multiple of 5 from 10-50). Mario Party 3 adds a handicap feature where you can give certain players stars before the game begins. You can also choose the type of Mini-Games from All or Easy. You can also enable Bonus Stars to be awarded at the end of the game.

You can view the rules of Mario Party 3 when the Millennium Star asks you before entering the blue star.

Mini-Game Room

There are three different sections in the Mini-Game Room.

Toad’s Desk


Here you have the option of playing any mini-game that you have previously played in the game. The mini-games are set up as books and put in individual sections for their specific mini-game type.



Here you can play minigames in a random order for a set number of wins. The first player to get those wins, wins the battle.

Game Guy’s Room

After unlocking this mode by getting the Miracle Star rank in Story Mode, you can go inside and play one of the four Game Guy mini-games for a chance to increase your coins. The player wins a special prize if 1,000 coins is reached.

Duel Mode

Duel Mode is an all new mode that has two players face each other in a duel board where both players must defend and attack each other with partners. More on this very special mode here:



The Castle is for all your options and settings. There are two rooms, one on each floor. On the bottom floor is the Sound Room where your can choose you Mono and Stereo settings along. You can also go to Toad’s Music Box to listen to any music track from the game. You can also go to the Parrot’s Box to hear any voice from the game. On the second floor you can find the Data Room where you can view all your Battle Royale and Duel Board records and Mini-Game records.