Mario Party 3 – Duel Mini-Games

Vine With Me


Escape the Piranha Plant Forest by swinging from vine to vine. Skipping vines is possible and missing vine will cause you to fall and slow down.

A: Release Vine

Popgun Pick-Off


Watch the nine windows as images of Baby Bowser and Toad appear. Shoot Baby Bowser as many times as possible before he disappears to garner 1 point for each hit. Hitting Toad will take 10 points off of your score.

Control Stick: Move Cursor

A: Shoot

End of the Line


Pick a tunnel and hope it leads to the next pair of tunnels. You must navigate through three pairs of tunnels before making it to the end. Picking the wrong tunnel will lead you to a path running off a cliff, thus having you start back at the first set of tunnels.

Control Stick (Left/Right): Select Tunnel

Baby Bowser Bonkers


Bounce on as many Baby Bowsers as you can before the time runs out. They pop out of holes randomly so be strategic where you bounce.

Control Stick: Move

A: Jump

Silly Screws


Line up the screws to get to the end. The first player to the end wins.

A (Repeatedly): Spin Counter-clockwise

B (Repeatedly): Spin Clockwise

Crowd Cover

Three small images are shown at the bottom. Match the giant image with the smaller image to win. The giant image is obscured with the same species so be careful when choosing. There are three variations in characters: Toad, Bob-omb, and Boo.

A/B/Z: Select Picture

Tick Tock Hop


Jump over the hand of the clock as it makes its way around. Touching the hand will knock you out. Stay in the longest to win.

A: Jump

Bowser Toss


Spin Bowser as many times as you can in 10 seconds to increase the distance you throw him. The player with the grea distance wins.

Control Stick: Adjust Angle

A (Repeatedly): Spin Bowser

Motor Rooter


Race in a Koopa Shell while speeding through acceleration panels and avoiding the electricity produced by the Amps. The first player to reach the end wins.

Control Stick (Left): Move Clockwise

Control Stick (Right): Move Counter-clockwise

Fowl Play


Be the first to grab the loose chicken to win. Jumping the fences may get you to the chicken quickly.

Control Stick: Move

A: Jump

B: Catch