Mario Party 3 – Battle Mini-Games

Stacked Deck

Flip the cards to find the Toad on the other side. If you find Baby Bowser, you will be kicked out. Finding a Boo will change the order of turns. The last player standing wins.

Control Stick: Move

A: Jump

A+Z: Ground Pound

Three Door Monty


Watch as Toad, Boo, and Koopa Troopa each go into one of the three doors. An image of one of the three characters will appear on the screen and the fas person to show which door they went to wins.

A/B/Z: Select Door


Pick a color on the spinning platform and hope that Chain Chomp does not choose you or you will be out. The last player standing wins.

A: Jump

Slap Down


Watch as the ? Blocks turn to reveal a hidden flower. If the flower matches the one in the middle, slap your giant mechanic hand down as fast as possible. Slapping your hand down on the wrong flower will disqualify you.

A: Slap

Locked Out

Grab the key that corresponds with the symbol on the doors. There are enough keys for three players so one player will be left behind. The second round will have two doors, and the third round will have two doors but one key that matches, and that will determine the winner. If two players fight for a key for too long, they will both be left behind.

A: Grab/Drop Key

B: Attack

All Fired Up

Avoid the moving Podoboos at all costs! The Podoboos will change in pattern and rotation as time goes on. The last player standing wins.

Control Stick: Move

A: Jump

Storm Chasers

Follow the rain cloud to water your Piranha Plant. The player whose plant was watered the most, wins. The Piranha Plant will flash when it’s getting water. Monty Mole will appear and cause you to trip.

Control Stick: Move

Eye Sore


Run around the Mr. I 15 times to shrink him. The first player to do so wins! Occasionally, Podoboos will fall onto your path, and if touched, you will be stunned. Running into Mr. I will also cause you to be stunned, as well.

Control Stick: Move