Mario Party 3 – 2 VS. 2 Mini-Games

Eatsa Pizza


Eat as much of the pizza as you can before the time runs out. The team with the most pizza eaten wins. Every bite counts!

Control Stick: Move

A (Repeatedly): Eat

Baby Bowser Broadside

Aim for the Baby Bowser target and get as many hits as possible before time runs out. The target will move around along with the spinning platform that will make the target even more difficult to hit. The team with the most hits at the end wins.

Control Stick: Aim Cannon

A: Fire

Cosmic Coaster


Ride in the coaster while avoiding the Bowser signs. Hitting a Bowser sign will slow you down and the first player to the end wins.

Control Stick: Move

Puddle Paddle


Collect the coins that the Hammer Bro. throw while maneuvering in a raft. Watch out for the hammers that will stun you temporarily.

Control Stick: Steer

A (Repeatedly): Paddle

Log Jam

Slice as many logs as you can by following the onscreen instructions. The team with the most logs sliced at the end wins. Hitting the wrong button will stop you for a second.

A/B/Z: Place Log/Swing Axe

Pump, Pump, and Away


Use the pump with correct timing to pump your rocket. Whichever team’s rocket flies the highest at the end, wins.

A: Pump Down

B/Z: Pull Pump Up

Hyper Hydrants


Using a hose, put out as many Podoboos as you can to win. One player pumps the water while the other aims.


Control Stick: Aim Water

A: Spray


A: Pump Down

B/Z: Pull Pump Up

Picking Panic

Use the vines to move a cherry from one player to the other and then into the basket. The number of points depends on the number of cherries. The cherries have to be tossed correctly or they will not make it to the other player or basket.

A: Grab/Release Cherry

Etch ‘n’ Catch


Using your giant crayon, draw a circle around the Toad Stamp that appears on the paper. The Toad Stamps slowly moves so you have to be quick. The team that circled the most Toad Stamps, win.

Control Stick: Move

Slot Synch


With your partner, hit the same type of block to earn points. The points you earn depend on the character you get. The team with the most points at the end wins.

A: Hit Block