Mario Party 3 Boards

Mario Party 3 has six boards in all, one being unlockable. Tumble and the Millennium Star host the board. Each board has two Item Shops, two Koopa Banks, two Skeleton Key Doors, and one Boo.

Chilly Waters


The first of three boards has you searching for the star in a winter wonderland with snowmen and penguins. There is a frozen lake that can only support 1-2 people and a snowman that rolls snowballs around. A happening includes being chased by a giant snowball.

Deep Blooper Sea


This board takes place in the deep sea with plenty of bloopers. There are plenty of Mario sea creatures around like Cheep Cheeps and eels and a Shark that randomly chooses the direction of the path for you. Some happenings include being switched from one side to another by a Giant Blooper and giant angler fish in the corner that sucks players up.

Spiny Desert


A desert split into the light and the dark side with cacti and sinking sand. This board has you traveling through the desert and jumping over cacti. A happening includes switching from one side of the board to another through the sinking sand. There are also occasions where there is a mirage of the Millennium Star and 2 are placed on the board, one being fake.

Woody Woods


This board features Woody and Mean Woody with respective sides of light and dark. Monty Mole changes the directions of the intersection every turn and can be switched by landing on certain happening spaces or by paying Monty Mole 5 coins. Woody and Mean Woody can be triggered by landing on the happening spaces near them.

Creepy Cavern


A deep cavern full of Whomps and Thwomps and plenty of surprises. A giant Whomp blocks a passageway and the only way to have him flip over is to give him an item that he wants. Some happenings spaces include flipping the giant Whomp and being moved from one spot to another by a Thwomp on a cart.

Waluigi’s Island


Waluigi’s Island is an island run by Waluigi and is filled with Piranha Plants and statues and pictures of Waluigi himself. There is a big dynamite with a 5 on it on the bottom of the board and each time a player landed on a ? Space near it, the number would decrease until it reached 0 in which everyone would lose their coins near it. There is also a separate island that has only 1 type of space that would change every turn. This is an unlockable board. It is unlocked by completing Story Mode in any difficulty with any character.