Mario Party 3

Mario Party 3 continued to destroy friendships with great boards, fun minigames, and tons of new items as the last installment on the Nintendo 64.

With great boards and ridiculously fun minigames, Mario Party arrived last on the Nintendo 64 and introduced Daisy and Waluigi as new playable characters. A new duel based board game mode where two characters fight using partners was also introduced, along with a story mode.

Hit either of the two links below for Mario Party 3 board and minigame lists, along with tips and advice for each. Got a tip of your own? Make sure to submit any helpful advice with the submission form at the bottom of each tip page!

Boards Minigames Unlockables

Read on for a rundown of Mario Party 3’s release dates, full character roster, list of boards, breakdown of minigames, variety of modes, collection of items, and unique board spaces.

Release Dates

Japan North America Europe Australia
December 7, 2000 May 6, 2001 September 3, 2001 November 16, 2001

Playable Characters

Daisy and Waluigi join the Mario Party 3 characters list making for a total of eight playable characters.

Mario Luigi Peach Yoshi
Wario Donkey Kong Daisy* Waluigi*

*These characters are playable for the first time.

6 Boards

Mario Party 3 has just one unlockable board this time. View our board tips here.

Chilly Waters Deep Bloober Sea Spiny Desert
Woody Woods Creepy Cavern Waluigi’s Island*

*This board is unlockable!

71 Mini-Games

The new one on one Duel minigames make their debut and Game Guy minigames are played on the new Game Guy Space. See our minigame tips here!

4-Player (20) 1 vs. 3 (10) 2 vs. 2 (10)  
Battle (8) Duel (10) Item (6)
Special (3) Game Guy (4)

5 Modes

Although this technically covers the next three modes, Party Mode is more directly related to the standard battle royale gameplay. Pick a board and play! The Free-Play area is where you can play any minigame you’ve unlocked, the Battle Room is where players fight to gain the most minigame wins, and Game Guy’s Room is where you wager coins as you play consecutive Game Guy minigames. Duel Mode is a new mode where two players play on duel maps using partners to fight.

The new Story Mode follows the Millenium Star and Tumble in a short story as you play through every battle royale map and duel board. Heading to the Castle gets you to the options. Check scores, listen to some music, and set your settings.

Party Mode     Mini-Game Mode Duel Mode    
Story Mode Castle


Check out all the Mario Party 3 items below. Toad and Baby Bowser run the shops this time around. Each one sells different items and it’s random as to who pops up when you pass an item shop.

Toad’s Shop
Mushroom 5 coins Adds a second dice block to your roll.
Skeleton Key 5 coins Allows you to pass through any Skeleton Key doors.
Warp Block 5 coins Randomly swamp places with another player.
Cellular Shopper 5 coins Call the Item Shop and buy items from a remote location. You even pick which shop!
Dueling Glove 10 coins Initiate a battle and wager coins between another player.
Golden Mushroom 10 coins Adds two additional dice blocks to your roll.
Boo Repellent 10 coins Keeps you safe from any Boo attack. Only has one use!
Magic Lamp 20 coins Warps you to the star. You still have to purchase the star yourself!
Item Bag 30 coins Randomly receive three items that you can normally buy from Toad’s shop. Also has a chance to find a rare item!
Baby Bowser’s Shop
Skeleton Key 5 coins Allows you to pass through any Skeleton Key doors.
Reverse Mushroom 5 coins Roll a dice block and go backwards. Use on yourself or an opponent.
Poison Mushroom 5 coins Roll a dice block ranging from one to three. Use on yourself or an opponent.
Bowser Phone 10 coins Send another player or yourself to Bowser!
Bowser Suit 10 coins Roll the dice block and steal 20 coins from anyone you pass.
Lucky Lamp 10 coins Move the Star location.
Plunder Chest 10 coins Steal another player’s item.
Boo Bell 15 coins Summons Boo to your location. Five coins to steal coins and 50 coins to steal a star.
Item Bag 30 coins Randomly receive three items that you can normally buy from Baby Bowser’s shop. Also has a chance to find a rare item!
Rare Items (Item Space, Hidden Block, or Item Bag)
Wacky Watch Change the number of turns to the final five turns of the match. This item can be used at any time, including at the start of match or even on the final turn.
Barter Box Swap all your items for all the items of another player.
Koopa Kard Pass a Bank Space with this item to collect all the coins in the bank.
Lucky Charm Send an opponent or yourself to Game Guy.


Blue Space Gain 3 coins.
Red Space Lose 3 coins.
Happening Space Activates event. Depends on board and placement.
Item Space Activates Item minigame.
Battle Space Starts a Battle minigame.
Bowser Space Starts Bowser event.
Chance Time Space Starts Chance Time.
Game Guy Space Activates a Game Guy minigame.
Bank Space Pay up 5 coins when passed. Gain all collected coins when landing on it.