Mario Party 2 Unlockables – Secret Board and N64 Cheats

Our Mario Party 2 unlockables guide details how to get every board, unlock every minigame, and reveal all secrets and N64 cheats.

The sequel to the original Mario Party which improved pretty much everything. Released back in 2000 on the Nintendo 64, Mario Party 2 brought back the roster of six classic characters and featured a collection of six boards. Items! You can now purchase and use them on boards which makes playing infinitely more interesting and strategic. We’ve seen two Virtual Console releases with the Wii getting the game in December of 2010  and the Wii U snagging Mario Party 2 in December of 2016. And as of November 2, 2022, it’s now released on the Nintendo Switch Online service.

Now onto the Mario Party 2 unlockables! The N64 era was a different time, and most unlockables required quite a bit of playing in order to get all the secrets. Does Mario Party 2 have any unlockable characters? Nope, the starting six is all you get. The rest is detailed below! Use the links to jump to different sections:

Unlockable Boards and More

Only one unlockable board this time! Makes for a total of six boards.

How To Unlock Bowser Land

Play all of the five original boards at least once to unlock the sixth and final board, Bowser Land.

Hidden Minigames

Unlockable Minigames

Yes, yes, you can purchase minigames that you’ve already played at least once from Woody in Mini-Game Land. But there are three more minigames (Dungeon Dash, Rainbow Run, and Driver’s Ed) that you don’t unlock through normal means! These include:

Dungeon Dash Purchase 35 minigames from Woody.
Rainbow Run Purchase 50 minigames from Woody.
Driver’s Ed Purchase all minigames from Woody.

This means you’re going to have to play through Mini-Game Coaster to get the last two!

Unlockable Modes

Mini-Game Land Modes

Two modes are locked when you first enter Mini-Game Land. To play Mini-Game Stadium, you’ll have to purchase a minimum of five 4-Player minigames, three 1-vs-3 minigames, and three 2-vs-2 minigames. For Mini-Game Coaster, you’ll have to purchase every minigame from Woody, save for the three unlockable minigames mentioned above.

Unlock Item and Battle Minigames

Completing the grueling Mini-Game Coaster does have a nice reward. Completing the normal difficulty will add six purchasable item minigames to Woody. Completing the hard difficulty will add eight battle minigames to Woody. Buy them and you’ll add a green tree and a blue tree to Mini-Game Park!

Credits Machine

Want to view the credits again? Complete Bowser Land for the first time and the Credits Machine will appear in the Options Laboratory.

Secrets and Tips

Not unlockables, just smaller secrets and tips for Mario Party 2 that you should be aware of!

Taunt With L

I mean, that’s essentially it! When playing a board, hit the L button when it’s not your turn to get your character to audibly taunt.

Coins With Double Rolls

Use either the Mushroom or Golden Mushroom to grant yourself an extra dice roll or two. Get matching numbers and you’ll be rewarded with coins! Matching 7s gets you a bigger bonus.

Double 10 coins
Double 7s 20 coins
Triple 20 coins
Triple 7s 50 coins

Remove Hidden Blocks

The “Bonus” option when selecting your board and characters is not just about Bonus Stars at the end of a board. Select “No Bonus” and Hidden Blocks that randomly appear when landing on blue spaces will be disabled.

Super Hard Difficulty?

Looking for a way to unlock Super Hard difficulty in Mario Party 2? Well, I don’t have good news for you. Although Super Hard difficulty is available from the start when you enter Mini-Game Park, there is no way to unlock it for any other mode.

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