Mario Party 2 Spaces

Mario Party 2 has a total of 9 spaces, 3 of which are new. The Mini-Game and Mushroom Space from the first Mario Party do not return.


Blue Space

The blue space gives the player 3 coins when landed on.

Red Space

The red space will take away 3 coins when landed on.

Happening Space

Each board has a different effect when you land on this space. It can trigger an event and some boards have 2 different events.

Bowser Space


Bowser will appear and roll a roulette that will decide what he will do. These events include:

Bowser’s Appearing Act: Bowser will take the spot of Koopa Kid on the game board and will have his own turn at the end of a normal turn. Bowser takes away coins from anyone he passes.

Bowser’s Coin Potluck: Bowser will take coins away from everyone.

Bowser’s Multiplying Toads: Bowser will switch the position of Toad on the board and Koopa Kid will be in disguise as another Toad. Buying a Star from the wrong Toad will get you a Ztar.

Stars – Packed to Go: Bowser will flee if this is selected. Nothing happens.

Chance Time Space

2 players are randomly chosen to either give, switch, or take stars and/or coins from each other.

Item Space

Landing here will take you to an Item Mini-Game where you can win an item.

Battle Space


This space will trigger a Battle Mini-Game where each player must put in a certain amount of coins that will be handed out to the winners.

Bank Space

When you pass this space, you must pay 5 coins. If you land on this space, you will get all the money that was collected.

Star Space

This space cannot be landed on. This is where the player can buy a star.