Mario Party 2 Modes

Mario Party 2 has three main modes to choose from: Party Mode, Mini-Game Island, and Laboratory.


Party Mode


 Party Mode is where all the Party Boards are played. You have the option of choosing the number of human players and 4 of the 6 playables characters. You also choose 1 of the 6 boards (1 unlockable), and the number of turns (20, 35, or 50). You can also choose Rules Land where you learn to play Mario Party 2.

Mini-Game Island

There are 4 different modes you can choose from in Mini-Game Island. These include Woody, Mini-Game Park, Mini-Game Stadium, and Mini-Game Coaster. You can also check the Bank to see how many coins you have and the Bottle to see your Mini-Game Records.


Woody will let you buy mini-games that you have already played for replay.

Mini-Game Park


Here you can play the mini-games you have purchased from Woody. At the start you have the yellow, red, and pink trees and later you can unlock the blue and green trees. Each tree holds the different mini-game types (4-Player, 1-vs-3, 2-vs-2, Item, and Battle).

Mini-Game Stadium

There are three modes to choose from: Battle, Trial, or Duel. In Battle, players compete in randomly selected mini-games and must win 3, 5, or 7 mini-games to win the battle. In Trail (4-player) and Duel (1-vs-1), the game play is similar to the Party Boards, but there are no Stars and Blue and Red Spaces do not give or take coins. You win coins by playing Mini-Games at the end of each turn and the player with the most coins at the end of the game wins.

Mini-Game Coaster

In the Mini-Game Coaster, you must survive through 43 Mini-Games with three lives. Each mini-game you clear gets you 10 coins and getting 100 coins gets you an extra life. You lose a life each time you lose a mini-game. There are 9 Worlds and each has about 4-6 mini-games. Each World also has a Toad Space where you can save your game and come back later.



The Laboratory is for all your options and settings. Here you can view Mini-Game Records, Board Records, and Sound settings. You can also listen to all the music tracks in the game along with character voices. Once you beat Bowser Land, you will unlock the Credits Machine where you can view the credits. You will also unlock all Bowser Land music tracks. There is also an option to delete all saved data for the game.