Mario Party 2 Battle Mini-Games

Grab Bag


Each player has a bag full of mushrooms each worth one point. For 30 seconds, players must grab each others’ bags and pull mushrooms out adding them to their scores. There is also a golden mushroom hidden in one of the player’s bags that is worth 3 points.

Control Stick: Move

B: Grab

Bumper Balloon Cars

Each player has a balloon behind their car along with a set of spikes in the front. Everyone must try to pop the other players balloons with the spikes while making sure no one is popping their balloon or they will be out.

Control Stick:

Up: Move Forward

Down: Move Backward

Left/Right: Change Direction

Rakin’ ‘Em In


Try to rake in as many mushrooms as you can from the rotating stump. The orange mushrooms are worth 1 point, golden mushrooms are 3 points, and poison purple mushrooms take away 3 points.

A: Move Crane Arm

Day at the Races


All you have to do is to choose a character that you think will win the race. You can choose from a Thwomp, a Whomp, a Boo, and a Bob-omb. The first character to reach the finish line wins.

Control Stick: Select Character

A: Choose Character

Face Lift


Try to get your face to match the example in the middle. You can grab the nose, ears, mouth, and mustache. The player with the most accurate face wins. There are six different types – each featuring a different character’s face.

Control Stick: Move Hand

A: Grab

B: Reset Face

Crazy Cutters


Use the drill to drill out as best as you can, the shape of the character shown on the ground. If you get 80 points or more of it cut correctly, then you will win coins.

Control Stick: Move

HOT Bob-omb

Pass around the Bob-omb and don’t let it explode in your hands! Be the last standing to win. If you don’t catch the Bob-omb, you will drop it so watch out!

Control Stick: Pass Direction

A: Throw

B: Catch

BOWSER’S Big Blast


Choose a plunger and hope that it does not fuse the big Bowser Bomb. After a player is taken out, one plunger will disappear. The last player standing wins.

 Control Stick: Move

A: Press Plunger