Mario Party 2 – 4-Player Mini-Games

Lava Tile Isle

Battle your foes on seven moving platforms. Attack other players and knock them off the platforms. The last player standing wins.

Control Stick: Move

A: Jump

B: Attack

A+Z: Hip Drop

Hot Lava Jump

Jump over the jump rope made of flaming Podoboos as many times as you can. If you touch the flames, you are out. The rope will speed up and slow down at times so time your jumps carefully.

A: Jump

Shell Shocked

You are driving around in a Koopa Shell, shooting balls at other players and avoiding the ones being thrown at you. If you get hit two times, you’re out. There are three stages:

Stage 1: One pipe in the center; open area

Stage 2: Pipes scattered over the entire area

Stage 3: More pipes are lined up everywhere

Control Stick: Move

A: Straight Shot

B: Lob Shot

Z: Fix Aim

TOAD in the Box

Hit the Toad side of the block to advance to the next level. Each time you move up, the block spins faster. Once you get five Toads, you win. If you get someone besides Toad, the following will happen:

Piranha Plant: The block will lightly stomp on you once.

Chain Chomp: The block will lightly stomp on you twice.

Baby Bowser: Baby Bowser will come out of the block and completely flatten you.

A: Jump


Wind up the Mecha Fly-Guy as many times as you can in ten seconds. The player who winded up the Fly Guy the most will have their Fly Guy go the furthest, winning the game.

A and B (Repeatedly): Wind Up

Roll Call

Count how many characters are roaming the stage and get the correct number to win. Be sure to only count for what is being asked to count. There are three stages with different characters to count:
Stage 1: Count all the Toads you see, and avoid counting the mushrooms. Remember, mushrooms do not move.
Stage 2: Count all the Boos. Watch out for disappearing and reappearing Boos.
Stage 3: Count all the Bob-ombs in the area. Make sure to keep an eye on those that explode because you will need to take one off of the count.

A: Add 1 to count

B: Subtract 1 to count

Abandon Ship

Be the first to climb to the top of the pole to win. If you are too slow, the water will come up and take you out. Watch out for Cheep-Cheeps as they jump and stun you if you get hit. You can also collect coins that will be added to your score whether you win the mini-game or not.

Control Stick: Move (Left and Right)

A (Repeatedly): Climb

Platform Peril

Jump onto the platforms and avoiding falling to make it to the end and win. There are obstacles and moving platforms so be ready to move when needed. There are also coins you can collect that will be added to your score whether you win or not.

Control Stick: Move

A: Jump

Totem Pole Pound

Be the first player to smash your totem into the ground by ground pounding them. How strong the impact is when you pound them down depends on how high you jump.

A+Z: Hip Drop

Bumper Balls

Try to knock other players off the platform while rolling on your bumper ball. The last player standing wins. There are 3 different environments to play on:

Stage 1: A flat bricked-surface surrounded by lava.

Stage 2: An icy surface on a mountain.

Stage 3: An island with rocks and sand dunes over water.

Control Stick: Move

Bombs Away

Avoid the bombs and Bullet Bills blasted from the Bowser Ship while you balance yourself on a grassy island. The Bowser Ship will launch a big Bowser Bomb at the end.

Control Stick: Move

A: Jump

Tipsy Tourney

Tilt the platform to have the Koopa Shell move over the blank panels to reveal the image underneath. The first player to reveal all the blank tiles first wins.

Control Stick: Move

A: Jump

Honeycomb Havoc

Take turns rolling the dice. The number you get is the number of fruit you must take. If you get a honeycomb, you will be chased by bees and lose. The numbers you can choose are 1 and 2. Plan strategically and try to get the other person out while keeping yourself in. There are coins you can get, but don’t let them stop you from taking a honeycomb!

A: Jump

Hexagon Heat

Watch the color of the flag that Toad puts up. Move to the hexagon with that color or you will touch the lava and lose. You can also squash other players to make them slower and more room on the hexagon.

Control Stick: Move

A: Jump

A+Z : Hip Drop

Skateboard Scamper

Skate as fast as you can away from the Big Boo, while jumping over still and moving stairs. You can also collect coins that are added to your score. If you are too slow, Big Boo will stop you and the first player that makes it to the light at the end wins.

Control Stick: Move

A: Jump

B (Repeatedly): Skate

Slot Car Derby

Drive through the course and be the first to complete four laps. If your tires begin to smoke, it means you must slow down, otherwise you will spin out of control. There are three different courses:

Stage 1: Normal, standard stage.

Stage 2: Has an extra turn.

Stage 3: Another extra turn, overlaps track.

Control Stick:

(Tilt): Speed Up

(Release): Slow Down

Shy Guy Says

Shy Guy will either raise a white flag or a red flag. Raise the flag of the same color or else you will be taken out. Shy Guy will sometimes try to trick you by starting to raise the flag and then quickly changing it to the other flag. The Lakitu that flies across the top of the screen determines how much time you have to react to Shy Guy’s flag.

A: White Flag

B: Red Flag

Sneak ‘n’ Snore

Move your character over to the red button to open the closed door. If the Chain Chomp wakes up, hide in the barrel or he will throw you in the pipe. If you are moving fast, it will take longer to hide in the barrel when the Chain Chomp wakes up and going slower will be faster to get in the barrel. The first player out the door wins.

Control Stick:

(Down): Move Forward

(Up): Move Backward

(Release): Hide in Barrel

Dizzy Dancing

Try to make your way to the musical note in the center of the disc after you are spun out of control. Normal movement has been changed and you have to figure out the new controls to make it to the musical note.

Control Stick: Move

A: Jump

B: Attack

A+Z: Hip Drop

Tile Driver

Match your image with the image in the center to win. Change the panels by ground pounding into the right piece.

Control Stick: Move

A: Jump

A+Z: Hip Drop

Deep Sea Salvage

In this Bonus Mini-Game, you must direct your submarine to the coins and money bags that Hammer Bro. throws from above. Watch out for spikes, they will temporarily stun you.

Control Stick: Move

A (Repeatedly): Surface