Mario Party 2 – 2 VS. 2 Mini-Games

Toad Bandstand


Two teams must perform one using a flute and the other using drums. Each player has to match the same notes as Toad. The team who does the best wins. You can choose 2 different themes to perform to: “Flower Waltz” and “Toad’s Waltz”

All Players

A: Play Instrument

Bobsled Run

Both teams must sleigh down a slide with twists and turns. Ride over speed panels for boosts and make it to the end first to win.

Control Stick (Left/Right): Steer

(Forward): Speed Up

(Back): Slow Down

A: Push Sled

Handcar Havoc


Be the first to reach the end by leaning your handcar where at the curves for faster. Press A repeatedly to speed up the handcar and use B for brakes if needed.

Control Stick: Lean Handcar

A (Repeatedly): Speed Up

B: Brake

Balloon Burst


Pump as much air into the Bowser Balloon and be the first to burst the balloon to win. The pump will flash when it is full of air.

A: Push Down

B/Z: Pull Up

Sky Pilots


You and your partner must get your plane to the finish line at the end. To gain speed, flap your wings while the other player steers.

1st Player

Control Stick: Steer Plane

2nd Player

Control Stick: Flap Wings

Speed Hockey


Try to knock the Koopa Shell three times into the other team’s goal by moving from side to side on the field to win.

Control Stick: Move Up and Down

Cake Factory


One player must grab a cake from the roller while the other must grab a strawberry and place it on top. The cake must come first or the cake will not count. The team with the most cakes wins.

A: Grab and Release Ingredient

Magna Carta

Use the magnet in the front of your car to grab coins and drop them into your team’s hole. This is a Bonus Mini-Game.

Control Stick:

Up: Move Forward

Down: Move Backward

Left/Right: Change Direction

Destruction Duet


Be the first team to demolish your statue. There are three levels to play and the statues are different in each level.

Control Stick: Move

A: Jump

B: Attack

A+B: Jump Kick

Z+A: Hip Drop

Looney Lumberjacks


Work together with your partner to cut a piece of the log. The further you push the saw, the better the cut will be.

Control Stick:

Up: Move Forward

Down: Move Backward

Left/Right: Change Direction

Torpedo Targets


You and your partner must work together to shoot as many targets as you can before time runs out.


Control Stick: Steer Submarine

A: Forward

B: Reverse

Torpedo Shooter

Control Stick: Steer Torpedo

A: Shoot Torpedo

Dungeon Dash


Make your way through the dungeon by moving in the same direction and at the same time with your partner. Make it to the end to win. Watch out for the the Thwomps and Podoboos. Unlock this mini-game by buying all the normal mini-games from Woody.

 Control Stick:

(Right): Step with Right Leg

(Left): Step with Left Leg