Mario Party 2 Items

Mario Party 2 introduced items that can be obtained and used in-game. This added Item Shops and Mini-Game Spaces to the boards. There is a total of 10 items, 3 of which are only found in Item Mini-Games.


This Mushroom allows you to roll two dice instead of one on your turn. Getting two of the same number will earn you 10 coins and getting two 7s will earn you 20 coins. Mario’s favorite item. (10 coins)

Skeleton Key

Use this key to get through any of the Skeleton Key Doors on the board. These doors give access to secret paths that cannot be entered without the key. You cannot get rid of it unless you decline to use it at a Skeleton Door. Luigi’s favorite item. (10 coins)

Plunder Chest


Use this item to steal an item away from another player. The player is chosen at random. Peach’s favorite item. (15 coins)

Dueling Glove


This glove lets you challenge another player to a duel. You can set the amount of coins each player has to give in and the winner wins all. The duel mini-game is based on the board that is being played on. Wario’s favorite item. (15 coins)

Warp Block

Warp to another player’s space. The player that you choose will get your old spot. Yoshi’s favorite item. (15 coins)

Golden Mushroom


This Mushroom allows you to roll three dice instead of one on your turn. Getting three of the same number will earn you 20 coins and getting three 7s will earn you 50 coins. (20 coins)

Magic Lamp


Use this lamp to summon the Mushroom Genie who will take you straight to the star. You still have to pay 20 coins for the star. (30 coins)

Boo Bell


This bell will call Boo right to your space. You still have to pay the normal fees for stealing coins and stars. (Item Mini-Game only)

Bowser Suit


After putting this suit on, you are able to steal 20 coins from any player you pass. It is possible to get this item from Koopa Kid, but it is rare. (Item Mini-Game only)

Bowser Bomb


After a player receives this item, that player is forced to use it after everyone finished their turn. Koopa Kid will transform into Bowser and roll three dice. Any player that he passes will lose all their coins. DK’s favorite item.