Mario Party 2 Boards

Mario Party 2 has six boards in all, one being unlock-able, and each has the same objective: Collect 20 coins and purchase stars from the random spots that they are placed in. Each board is hosted by Toad, however, the last board is hosted by Koopa Kid.

Pirate Land


This board takes place on different islands surrounded by the theme of pirates. There is a Chain Chomp on one island, beach on another, and a jungle type island on the third. There is also bridges connecting the islands. Landing on a Happening Space on the bridge will have have the ship blast bombs at you, and you will be sent back to START.

Western Land


Dressed like a cowboy, party on this board based on the Wild West. Steamer The Train will get you to the other side of the board and a Wiggler offers milk that causes everyone to meet at one place losing their previous spots. Landing on a Happening Space will activate Steamer. If you’re in its way, you will get sent back to START.

Space Land


Taking place in space, this board is full of Snifits on police patrol. The board has a big Bowser-shaped intersection in the center and most pathways are directed towards it. When the pathway is pasted 5 times, Bowser will fire a beam that will take all coins away from anyway who is caught in it. The Happening space of this board causes the police to chase you to a certain part of the board.

Mystery Land


This board is filled with mystery and is separated into 4 sections. Two sections has a Bob-omb spot where alien Bob-ombs abduct you and transport you to another section for a fee of ten coins. Landing on a Happening space will transport yourself to the next section in clockwise direction.

Horror Land


Horror Land has a day/night system that has two turns being day, and the next two turns being night. Mr. I, a giant eyeball, can move you from one spot of the board to another. Landing on a Happening Space will turn day to night or night to day.

Bowser Land


This unlock-able board has no costumes and is centered around Bowser. There is a Bowser Parade that will go through the board every five turns and chase anyone in the way to START along with losing coins. Passing the Bank Space will have the bank pay you five coins, instead of taking five from you on this board. If you land on the Bank Space, it will take away the number of coins it loaned from all players from you. If you land on the Bank Space with no coins in possession, it will steal a Star from you. If you have no Stars nor Coins, then you get a lucky escape. Landing on a Happening Space will have you forced in a Warp Pipe and transported to a different area. Landing on a Happening Space near Metal Blooper will make you enter or exit its area.