Mario Party 2

As the sequel to the original, Mario Party 2 for the Nintendo 64 included refined boards, more minigames, and a smaller luck factor.

Box art for Mario Party 2 on the Nintendo 64

Mario Party 2 had the chance to correct its predecessor’s mistakes and shortcomings, and it did! Boards were not infuriating to play, minigames weren’t cheap, and the overall luck factor was dropped a decent amount. Plus, items were introduced, making for a much more strategic and enjoyable board game experience.

Hit the buttons for lists and in-depth tips for all the boards, minigames, and unlockables in Mario Party 2.

Boards Minigames Unlockables

Read on for a rundown of Mario Party 2’s release dates, full character roster, list of boards, breakdown of minigames, variety of modes, collection of items, and unique board spaces.

Release Dates

Japan North America Europe Australia
December 17, 1999 January 24, 2000 October 12, 2000 November 6, 2000

Playable Characters

The same six playable characters from the original Mario Party return and once again, none of them are unlocked from the start.

Mario Luigi Peach Yoshi
Wario Donkey Kong

6 Boards

Mario Party 2 has just one unlockable board this time. View our board tips here.


Pirate Land
Western Land
Space Land
Mystery Land
Horror Land Bowser Land*

*This board is unlockable!

50 Mini-Games

Single Player minigames were dropped but the three main types remained from the first Mario Party. Battle, Item, and Special minigames are new! See our minigame tips here!

4-Player (21) 2 vs. 2 (12) 1 vs. 3 (11)
Battle (8) Item (6) Special (1)

3 Modes

Party Mode is the main mode which also happens to be the main menu this time around. Play boards here! Mini-Game Island branches off to four different modes. One is Woody where you can buy minigames to play in Mini-Game Park, a second mode. There’s Mini-Game Stadium where you play on board without collecting stars and Mini-Game Coaster, the devilish mode that tasks you with beating a series of minigames without losing lives. There’s also the Laboratory, your fancy options menu. You can also listen to the game’s soundtrack here.

Party Mode    Mini-Game Island Laboratory   


Mushroom 10 coins Adds a second dice block to your roll.
Skeleton Key 10 coins Allows you to pass through any Skeleton Key doors.
Plunder Chest 15 coins Steal another player’s item.
Dueling Glove 15 coins Initiate a battle and wager coins between another player.
Warp Block 15 coins Randomly swamp places with another player.
Golden Mushroom 20 coins Adds two additional dice blocks to your roll.
Magic Lamp 30 coins Warps you to the star. You still have to purchase the star yourself!
Boo Bell Minigame only Summons Boo to your location. Five coins to steal coins and 50 coins to steal a star.
Bowser Suit Minigame only Roll the dice block and steal 20 coins from anyone you pass.
Bowser Bomb Minigame only Transforms Koopa Kid into Bowser at the end of the turn. After three dice block rolls, Bowser will move around the board and steal all the coins of anyone he passes.


Blue Space Gain 3 coins.
Red Space Lose 3 coins.
Happening Space Activates event. Depends on board and placement.
Item Space Activates Item minigame.
Chance Space Starts Chance Time.
Battle Space Starts a Battle minigame.
Bowser Space Starts Bowser event.
Bank Space Pay up 5 coins when passed. Gain all collected coins when landing on it.