Mario Party 10 Minigames – Tips, List, and Unlockables

Our Mario Party 10 minigames page features complete images of all minigames along with tips and strategies for every minigame and any unlockables.

Each of the 75 Mario Party 10 minigames are listed below. If you have tips for any of these Mario Party 10 minigames, whether it be a lesser known fact or a good strategy, feel free to share your idea in the submission form at the bottom of this page. For board tips, click here.

Free-for-All Minigames (31)

Shy Guy Shuffle
Snake Block Party
Cheep Cheep Leap
Peepa Panic
Balance Ball Brawl
Bob-omb Bogey
Spiked Ball Scramble
Bouncy Brawl
Fruit Scoot Scurry
Goomba Gotcha
Cliffside Crisis
Dice ‘n’ Dash
  • Spam A to get the mushroom, then wait for Bowser to start spinning off to press A and get the shell, then press A again when Bowser is showing off to get the flower and complete the minigame at a record time!  ~ Spongyoshi
Fruit of the Doom
Foo Me Once
Rapid River Race
Beeline Shrine
Blooper Blastoff
Paintball Battle
Ice Slide, You Slide
Goomba Gallop
Fruit Cahoots
Magma Meltdown
Meanie Match
  • I recommend having some enemies to remember every game. Then remember the other ones by association (like the water enemies are in front of each-other, the turtles are one space apart, etc…)  ~ Spongyoshi
Found it? Pound it!
Platform Push
Pipe Sniper
  • Aim for the Swoops flying in the background, they are worth 5 points.  ~ Spongyoshi
Bob-omb Combo
Balloon Blast Bash
Fuzzy Fliers
  • Hug the upper side of the screen when you’re close to reaching the top of the tower to reach the finish as soon as possible! You can also try to push your opponents away if they try to same tactic.  ~ Spongyoshi
Flash Forward
Soar to Score

2 vs 2 Minigames (10)

Bobsled Battle
  • Keep control of your space by pushing your opponents to the other side, only retracting to catch some coins.  ~ Spongyoshi
Soccer Brawl
Boo Burglars
  • Keep an eye on the flashlight holder on the other team, you just might be able to steal a gem from them.  ~ Luigidenne3DSGCNS+
Murky Maze
Ground Pound Pals
Bouncy Bounty
Bump, Set, Spike
Revolving Relay
Goombrat Combat
Shape Up
  • Try to use squares or parallelogram so the tower will balance.  ~ It’s that guy

1 vs Rivals Minigames (10)

Hop, Drop, and Roll
Bullet Bill Bullies
Watermelon Whalin’
Skewer Scurry
Steal the Beat
Movin’ Mushrooms
Bubble Squabble
Cheep Cheep Check
Keep-Away Mayhem
Spring Fling

Boss Battle Minigames (10)

Mega Goomba’s Ladder Leap
Mega Sledge Bro’s Card Chaos
Mega Cheep Chomp’s Shell Shock
Mega Monty Mole’s Maze Mischief
Mega Mechkoopa’s Swing & Stomp
Petey’s Bomb Battle
King Boo’s Tricky Tiles
Mega Blooper’s Bubble Battle
Kamek’s Rocket Rampage
Bowser’s Tank Terror

Bowser Battle Minigames (10)

Bowser’s Bad Breath
Bowser’s Hammer Slammer
Bowser’s Fire Bar Fury
Bowser’s Wicked Wheel
Bowser’s Bogus Bingo
  • There’s a way you can roll exactly what you want as Bowser. All explained in this video.  ~ Ezra3
Bowser’s Pinball
Bowser’s High Dive
Bowser’s Clawful Climb
Bowser’s Sinister Slots
Bowser’s Roulette Rage

Bonus Minigames (4)

Badminton Bash
Jewel Drop
Bowser Jr.’s Clobber Cage
Bowser Jr.’s Bonk Battle

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