Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Walkthrough – Treacherous Mansion


5.1 – Front-Door Key [E-1]

Dropped at the foot of the giant gate leading to the mansion, Luigi will have to cross a series of narrow paths to get near the entrance. Carefully cross the three paths and attempt to open the door. In what we hope is the last time, Polterpup springs out from the door and nabs the Front Door Key E. Gadd gave you earlier. Follow it by going to the left and walking down the steps. Use your Dark-Light Device to uncover the rope on the well, then grab onto it to descend into its depths.


Now at the Bottom of the Well, head to the right and enter the Guard Tunnel by breaking through the bricks with the rope. On the right should be another rope to pull. Pulling it will cause a Strong Slammer and three Strong Greenies with Armor to appear. With the ghosts defeated and the door blocks removed, head through the tunnel on the right and into the Cliffside. Here, turn the valve all the way to open the gate, then run through before it slowly closes again. Enter the door to find yourself in the Ceremonial Chamber where three guards surround a circular room. Grab the spiderweb ball and bring it to the fire near the door. Use the flaming spiderweb ball to light the torches of the two guards. This will awaken the middle guard, causing it to move and attack you. Try to get it near the center where the carpet lies, then when it slams its hammer down, yank out the carpet to have it fall on its back. A Greenie was hidden inside, so defeat the ghost and hop onto the chair where the guard used to sit. This will take you down to a lower level.

Now in the Haunted Catacombs, you will have to find the correct route to the exit, despite the many entryways you can enter. Entering the wrong one will cause you to restart from the beginning. The pattern you will want to follow:

  • Down
  • Down
  • Right
  • Right
  • Up
  • Up
  • Right
  • Down


If you followed the path above, there should be a door to your right. Now in the Underground Lab, you will encounter two Super Greenies playing off the scene in Frankenstein where Frankenstein’s Monster is being resurrected. Defeat the two Super Greenies and an additional Super Sneaker and head through the door on the right. You’ll find yourself in another section of the Haunted Catacombs, but this time you will only have to go down and left to find the next door. The rest of the area contains treasure and gems. Enter the door to find the Polterpup in the Dungeon Cells. Head to the left and walk past all the jail cells until you reach the last one. These bars can actually be walked through, and you will want to yank the rope to switch the portrait of the bomb into the second jail cell. Use the Dark-Light Device to have the bomb fly out and destroy the brick wall. Enter the second jail cell through the first cell and find the Polterpup in the barrel. Stun him, suck him up, and await E Gadd’s call.



5.2 – Double Trouble [E-2]


Use the Front-Door Key on, you guessed it, the front door, and enter the Front Entrance. Head into the door on the right and pass through the East Gallery, entering into the Jungle Exhibit through the next door on the right. Inside, defeat the two Strong Greenies with Tiki masks, then attempt to free the Green Toad from the portrait on the right side of the room. A giant plant will sprout out, so grab onto the rope to your right and let it bring you down to the lower level. Walk through the waterfall, activate the portal device, then use the flower launcher on the left side of the room to bring you back up to the second floor. Enter the next door to find yourself in the Grand East. Keep walking forward until you reach a door that leads you to the Ancient Exhibit. Flash the two eyes of the statue to sink down the sand, then tug on the chain to break through the wall. After this, defeat the four mummies that rise from their tombs, then activate the portal device and enter it to return to the Front Entrance.


Head through the left door and walk through the West Gallery until you reach the Dark Age Exhibit. Open the shattering closet and defeat the two Strong Hiders, as well as the Strong Greenie with the bucket on its head. Open the chest on the left wall to reveal a red book. Suck it up and place the missing book back into the red bookshelf. The bookeshelf will move, revealing another portal device. After activating it, walk through the other door to enter the Grand West. Walk forward and suck away the snow blocking the door to the Ice Exhibit. Once inside, enter the igloo and activate the fourth portal device. Enter it to find yourself back at the Front Entrance.


Head through the Dark Age portal and grab the bucket from the Strong Greenie you defeated earlier. Using the portals, take it back to the Front Entrance, then enter the Jungle Exhibit portal. Blast the bucket down to the lower level, then use the waterfall to fill it up with water. Sprinkle some water on the nearby sprout to reveal a prickly plant. Use it to defeat the giant plant in the same room, rescuing Green Toad from the portrait. Now grab a log and head back into the portal. Enter the Ancient portal to light the wood on fire, then bring that back and into the Ice Age portal to melt the ice blocking access to the Blue Toad portrait on the left side of the room. Rescue Blue Toad, but be prepared, as three Strong Greenies wait in the main part of the room.


Instead of entering the portal, enter the Grand West and take right at the junction. Enter the door to find yourself in the Inner Courtyard. Throw both Toads in the two different cages, only to have a Boo and three Strong Sneakers ambush you. Defeat them, then throw the Toads back into the cages. Flash the two light sensors that appear and watch as the statue becomes a spiraling staircase. Head up the stairs and send both Toads back to E. Gadd through the old pixelator device. Wait for your call, as the mission is over.



5.3 – A Train to Catch [E-3]


Time to head for the Train Exhibit! Make your way to the Inner Courtyard by going through the East Gallery, then the Jungle Exhibit, into the Grand East and through the door on the left. Place the Rotor onto the giant cog, then spin the staircase so that the top part allows access to the door on the right. Enter it to find yourself in the East Corridor. Enter the last door on the hallway to enter the Nautical Exhibit. Blow on the hatch above the portal device to stop the steam from coming through, then defeat the Strong Slammer and the Strong Greenie with the helmet on its head. Spin the Captain’s Wheel to flip the portal device to the other room, then enter the Study by going back into the East Corridor. Inside, run to the back of the room, then use the Dark-Light Device to uncover a hidden yellow book on the stool. Try to place the book back onto the yellow bookshelf. Unfortunately, a Strong Poltergiest takes off with the book to the other side of the mansion.


Exit into the East Corridor and head back to the Inner Courtyard where you will have to spin the staircase to have the second floor match with the door on the left. Enter the West Corridor and enter the third door on the left to find yourself in the Space Exhibit. Look inside the telescope to see the Strong Poltergiest off on a distant planet. Leave the telescope, only to find that you are now on the planet itself. Defeat it while avoiding the many bombs the ghost throws at you, as well as the stars it uses to throw and block your attacks. Once you are finished, you will be taken back to the Space Exhibit, and the book will be yours. Open up the rocket to find a portal that will take you back to the Front Entrance. With the book in hand, walk to the right to find another portal, the one you opened up earlier. Enter it to find yourself back in the Study. After placing the book on the shelf, enter the newly found door, then battle two Strong Hiders and a Strong Sneaker. Once defeated, look inside the actual train display to see a multitude of Boos with the portrait of Mario. After the discovery, E. Gadd wills end you back to the lab to prepare for the next mission.


5.4 – Ambush Maneuver [E-4]


Now inside the Train Exhibit itself, use the Dark-Light Device to uncover the hidden train resting right before the bunch of balloons. The train will start to move, popping all the balloons and alerting the Boos. The Boos will morph together to become Big Boo, and you’ll need to use the moving train to defeat it. After the Big Boo tries to slam its entire body into you several times, it will get confused and allow you to grab onto its tongue and blast it into the spinning top of the train. The Big Boo will pop, releasing 10 normal Boos. Grab onto the their tongues and launch them into one of the carts on the back of the train. Continue this process until all 10 Boos are safely kept in each cart.

Unfortunately, King Boo was not a part of the fight and the portrait of Mario was also missing, so let E. Gadd take you back to figure out what to do next.



5.5 – Paranormal Chaos [E-5]


Remember the big balcony overlooking the open abyss in the back of the mansion? Head over to the Terrace to witness King Boo opening up a portal into another dimension. Before Luigi has a chance to enter, a number of ghosts will burst out of the portal, causing the current dimension to stat collapsing onto itself. You’ll need to take care of all the ghosts before facing off King Boo. The ghosts will hide in different rooms, but you will have to be quick because taking too long will cause a timer to start, marking the destruction of the dimension. The ghosts will hide in these rooms in this order:

  • Nautical Exhibit: 2 Slammers, 2 Strong Slammers
  • Space Exhibit: 5 Strong Greenies, 2 Shielded
  • Ice Exhibit: 3 Strong Sneakers
  • Jungle Exhibit: 1 Strong Gobber
  • Ancient Exhibit: 2 Mummies, 2 Strong Greenies
  • Dark Age Exhibit: 4 Strong Greenies (with objects)
  • Kitchen: 3 Strong Hiders
  • Restrooms: 2 Creepers


After all the rooms have been cleared, head back to the Terrace. Just when you think it’s over, a hoard of ghosts begin to spew  out of the portal. You will have to defeat them all to complete the mission.

  • Phase 1: 5 Strong Greenies, (2 with objects)
  • Phase 2: 2 Slammers, 2 Strong Greenies (1 with object)
  • Phase 3: 2 Mummies, 1 Strong Slammer, 1 Strong Sneaker)
  • Phase 4: 1 Strong Greenie, 1 Strong Sneaker
  • Phase 5: 3 Small Creepers
  • Phase 6: 2 Greenies with objects
  • Phase 7: 1 Strong Gobber, 1 Slammer
  • Phase 8: 2 Greenies with objects

After this, E. Gadd will call you in to prepare for your final mission.


5.6 – Stop the Knightmare [E-Boss]


The last piece of the Dark Moon is just a mission away! With all the ghosts taken out from the previous mansion, E. Gadd will drop you off at the Terrace where the portal device is functioning at full steam. Enter it to find yourself in a mysterious room in an alternate dimension with three knights at the other end of the room. Approach the one in the middle that is holding the last piece of the Dark Moon only to have a white ghost pop out from under the armor. The ghost will split in two and enter the other two knights, causing the boss battle to begin.


Allow the knights to follow you onto one of the three carpets in the room. Once both knights are on the carpet, get close enough so that they swing down their axes, but avoid getting hit at the last minute. This will temporarily immobilize the knights, giving you a chance to suck up the carpet from right beneath them. Knocking over both knights at the same time will bring out both white ghosts who will combine. Avoid getting slammed into by the white ghost, then use your Poltergust 5000 once it gets dizzy.


Now the white ghost will return to the knights, this time adding a third knight into the mix. As you did before, get all three on a single carpet, knock them out and suck up the white ghost a second time. The white ghost will seemingly take off, but it isn’t long before he returns with a giant knight who crashes its feet through the ceiling of the room. To take the giant knight out, you’ll need to take on a similar strategy. Giant foot will try to crush Luigi, so lead the foot over to a piece of carpet. With that foot set on the carpet, move over to where the other foot rests. Get that foot a separate piece of carpet. Pull the rug out from either foot, then run over to the other foot and do the same. This will cause the knight to fall over, releasing the white ghost hidden inside. Suck him up one last time to finally defeat. Grab the now released piece of the Dark Moon! Now wait for E. Gadd’s call!

 NOTE! This mission will not take you back to the Lab, but will instead take you right into the final mission, F-Final – A Nightmare to Remember!


5.7 – A Nightmare to Remember [F-Final]


Instead of being transported back to the lab, King Boo will interfere with the Pixelator and transport Luigi over to his dimension, a completely dark room with window silhouettes all around. After King Boo haunts and taunts Luigi for a bit, King Boo will transport both of them to an arena set in a twisted world.


King Boo will have several attacks that you must avoid and your flash light is useless on the king of ghosts. Wait for King Boo to body slam into the ground, causing a tidal wave on the arena floor. Avoid this and watch for three faint shadows that will appear on the arena floor. As they grow larger, allow King Boo to follow you, then when he is floating over one of the shadows, flash a light in his face to stop him in his tracks. A spiked ball will come crashing down, allowing you to use the Poltergust 5000 to drain his 75HP. Once his HP hits zero, King Boo will knock you off the arena and into a long hallway. King Boo, now larger than normal, will crash through the left side and begin to roll down the hallway, causing you to flee to the right while avoiding bookshelves, cabinets, and even pockets of sand. Once you make it to the end, King Boo will take you back to the arena where you will have to attack the same way as you did the first time. After King Boo reaches zero HP again, Luigi will be thrown into a second hallway that he must run throw. After making it to the end, Luigi will be taken back to the arena where he will use the same strategy to defeat King Boo a third and final time.


Once defeated, grab King Boo’s crown and you’ll be transported back to the Terrace where E. Gadd and the portrait of Mario wait. Use the Dark-Light Device a last time to free your imprisoned brother and beat the game. With Mario rescued, the Dark Moon will return to form, allowing E. Gadd to free the now friendly ghosts. The game ends with Luigi back at his home, now with the company of the Polterpup.


5.8 – Terrifying Invasion [E-Bonus]

NOTE! This mission is unlocked when all five Boos of Treacherous Mansion have been caught! If you need help finding them, check here!

While the piece of the Dark Moon has already been taken, all of the ghosts have not left just yet. Professor E. Gadd will send Luigi back to the mansion to eradicate the last ghosts, with the goal of doing it as fast as possible. With the clock ticking Luigi will travel to the following rooms:

  • Jungle Exhibit (x2)
  • Dark Age Exhibit
  • Ice Age Exhibit
  • Archives
  • Restrooms

The order in which the rooms are accessed and the types and number of ghosts will vary each time as everything is randomized. After clearing the sixth room, E. Gadd will bring you back to his Bunker.